Quaffing Champagne On The Mean Streets Of Bushwick…

The Blogcademy x Patina

After a couple of days rest, it was time to get this (slightly odd, very orchidaceous) show back on the road. Shauna, Kat and I had spent the weekend teaching The Blogcademy NYC in Patina’s gorgeous warehouse in Bushwick, and all of a sudden, it was time to head back to the borough of Brooklyn, and Patina’s very particular brand of magic.

Sure, we’re fond of fringe. We lust for tufting. And we adore our fancy friends Corrin, Kim and Michelle. But the real reason we found ourselves back at Patina was to do what we do best: POSE!

The Blogcademy x PatinaTake a pink velvet sofa with gold fringe, a bottle of champagne, a vintage croquet set, fill an old typewriter with fresh flowers… And this is what you get!

The Blogcademy x PatinaI love how Shauna’s twirling the phone cord around her finger. I bet she’s talking to a BOY!

The Blogcademy x PatinaThe colours in this photo just knock my socks off.

The Blogcademy x PatinaI love that those pink paint splatters look like cherry blossoms have fallen off the bottom of my dress. On the right, I’m pouring champagne into Kat’s mouth… Just another day in the life!

The Blogcademy x PatinaIn my natural habitat. I’m wearing the Tracy Reese Revisited Impressionist dress, which is one of very few things I’ve seen online, then immediately stood right up from my computer and walked to a store for. My high heels are by Alice + Olivia.

The Blogcademy x PatinaI’d love to say this is what we look like after a Blogcademy class. But actually we look more like this!

The Blogcademy x PatinaKristin gave Kat the coolest side braid. She’s wearing a floral maxi dress from Topshop, a belt from H&M and shoes by Vivienne Westwood.

The Blogcademy x Patina

The Blogcademy x PatinaIt’s for you…

The Blogcademy x PatinaThe flowers and prop styling by Tinsel & Twine were so beautiful.

The Blogcademy x PatinaHaving a floral moment…

The Blogcademy x PatinaWe pulled our makeup artist, Regan, into a shot, because we love him. (Clearly!)

The Blogcademy x PatinaThen we walked around a corner to practice being professional art appreciators.

The Blogcademy x Patina

The Blogcademy x PatinaAre you ready for your closeup?

The Blogcademy x Patina

The Blogcademy x PatinaBack inside Patina, Shauna gave us major Monica Bellucci vibes! Her beautiful dress is by Paper Dolls (and is on sale!). Her headband came from H&M and her boots are by All Saints.

The Blogcademy x Patina

Have a fantastic weekend!


This was a team effort and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out! Thank you so much to our photographer, Chellise Michael, our videographer Courtney Arcese, our flower and decor geniuses Erica and Adette at Tinsel & Twine, our makeup artist Regan Rabanal, our hairdresser Kristin Jackson, our assistants Jen and Kathryn, and of course, to Patina for making this all happen! MWAH!