Question: What Would You Be Like If You Were The Opposite Sex?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. What do you think you would be like if you were the opposite sex?

If I was a boy, I would have jet black hair. I’d have way more tattoos than I do — probably two full sleeves, something on my neck & words across my knuckles. I’d be a writer (it attracts the ladies, haha!) & I’d definitely have a blog.

I’d have a bachelor pad somewhere in the States, probably in Los Angeles or New York, & I’d drive (little known Gala fact: I don’t have my license!). I would shun commitment, & drive girls crazy because I would always put my writing before them. I’d have a dog, too (yes, probably a dachshund), & I’d totally be one of those guys who takes his dog for a walk with the purpose of meeting girls! I would be vegan & spend a lot of time alone in bookshops & libraries. I would wish I was a musician, send flirtatious email haikus to girls I met at concerts & sleep naked. I would be a design geek. I would still collect vintage typewriters & have extensive bookshelves. There is a possibility that Justin Theroux would be my ultimate male role-model.

I think this is how I would dress most of the time.

Tight jeans, a weird t-shirt with a cardigan, expensive avant-garde boots, a minimal watch, cool satchel & tunnels in my ears.

Would you want to date me? Haha!

So, what about you? Do you think you’d be completely different, or just a slight twist on how you are now? How would you dress? What would you do for a job? How would you behave? Who would be your ultimate celebrity crush? Tell me a story, make yourself an outfit on Polyvore, do it up!