Questions, Answers, And A Book Reading In New York! Meow!

Radical Self Love

You guys! Radical Self Love has been going crazy! You made the book a #1 New Release on Amazon! Aaaahhh! Insert confetti, a twelve-tiered cake, and a bucket of champagne here! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There have been so many questions about the book on Instagram and Facebook that I can’t keep up, so I’ve answered a few of them below in one place.


Q. Why is the book only available for a month?
A. I can’t tell you that yet… But trust me when I say that the reason is a good one! Stay tuned. I’ll be spilling the beans in the next couple of weeks!

Q. Is Radical Self Love only available on Amazon?
A. Yes. You can buy it on and, and they’ll ship anywhere! I’ve had people mentioning that it’s listed as sold out on — I don’t know that it will necessarily get stocked, so if you’re nervous about it, buy it on instead.

Q. I pre-ordered your book — can I still get the audiobook?
A. Yes, of course! Email your receipt and information to and my right hand babe Audrey will take care of you!

Q. Can I just buy the audiobook on its own? How long will it be available?
A. Yes! The audiobook is for sale here. It will also only be available for a month… So hop to it!

Q. Will there ever be Kindle/e-reader/e-book versions of Radical Self Love?
A. Yes, but not for a while (read: over 6 months away). I’d recommend going for the physical copy if you can, but if not, sit tight!

Q. Will Radical Self Love be available in German, Spanish, etc.?
A. I hope so! Watch this space!


I’m so excited to be doing a book party at WORD in Brooklyn! Come out and join me on Thursday July 2nd at 7pm for an interview hosted by Veronica Varlow, a book reading and signing, and Q&A. It’s going to be cute as hell! RSVP here and bring your best friend! I can’t wait to hug you!

Sending extra love,