Quote Of The Day — 5th July 2008

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve known, from my deepest self, that I needed to move on or make an uncomfortable change, but fear kept me scared stiff. It happens to all of us. I reacted to my intuition the way many of us do: I hoped the vibes would go away & leave me the hell alone. Not a good idea. Every time I did this, without fail, my body would start to act up — migraines, irritable bowel, sinus infections, eczema, horrible menstrual periods, you name it. The fact is, my body wasn’t just going to sit by & let me deny my truth. Now, I’m not saying every illness or rash is due to you ignoring your truth, but for me & for several other people I know, when we disregard the deep knowledge that change is wanted in our life, sooner or later, the body will let us know — & not in a good way.
“The body never lies. It’s your spiritual tuning fork. So it’s your responsibility not to merely cover up its signals with expensive lotions & Pepto-Bismal but to sit down & really listen to what is underneath those symptoms.” — Sera Beak