Radical Self Love Bootcamp: Essays, Worksheets, And Interviews… Oh My!

Last night at Darling HQ, I pressed the go button on Radical Self Love Bootcamp. Hundreds of emails were sent out in a satisfying flurry, and I crossed my fingers and said a little prayer.

Let this reach the people who need it. Let this uplift them and fill them with hope. Let this shine a light on the dark, beautiful parts of them that are as yet undiscovered. Let this be true, let this be real, let this be the perfect thing at the perfect time.

And with that, I let it go. I handed it off to the Universe. (The Universe is my co-pilot.)

Radical Self Love Bootcamp is my baby, my signature. It’s an introduction to the world of radical self love. For six weeks, we consider themes and actively work through the things that trip us up when we indulge in a solo love affair!

We discuss self-esteem, body image, feeling stuck, fear, comparing yourself to others, toxic relationships, gratitude, managing your energy, and manifesting miracles. It’s a big, all-encompassing course. I wanted Radical Self Love Bootcamp to be totally self-contained, and it is.

Put simply, I am so proud of the content. It’s beautifully designed, filled with love, and most importantly, it’s super-helpful and totally actionable… So you can go out, grab life by the lapels, and GET IT, GIRL!

Radical Self Love Bootcamp


Every week, I’ll bring you a different theme, and we’ll explore it as the days go by.

On Monday, you’ll receive a long-form essay to read and digest. They’re about 20 pages each, so it’s a good chunk of information! In addition to personal stories, you’ll learn about where your thoughts come from, so you can sniff ’em out. I’ll also give you ideas on how you can start altering your behaviour, and break out of those ruts you’re in. These are the actions you can take that will literally change your life!

On Wednesday, you’ll be sent a selection of worksheets to print out (if you want!), ruminate on, and complete. This is also the day where we delve into lifestyle choices, and you’ll be able to pick and choose what you’d like to implement on the regular!

On Friday, your eardrums will be treated to an interview with an expert on the subject. Each interview runs between 40 minutes and an hour. You’ll also receive a transcript of each interview, for you to read at your leisure! (Most of the transcripts are around 30 pages each. WHOAH there!)

Radical Self Love Bootcamp: Featuring Kitty Cavalier


KITTY CAVALIER travels the world offering workshops, retreats and experiences teaching how to use seduction, not as a tool of manipulation, but as a spiritual practice and a pathway to a more pleasurable, sensual, well-lived life. We chit-chatted about how seduction can aid us in falling in love with ourselves, the biggest issues women rub up against when it comes to self-esteem and self-worth, how to deal with bad days, and how you can begin to recognise yourself as the gorgeous creature you are.

KAT WILLIAMS is the founder of Rock n Roll Bride. Launched in 2007 while Kat was planning her own wedding, it has quickly grown from ‘just another bride blog’ to one of the biggest in the world. Kat is one of my closest friends, and we sat down for an hour to discuss body image, our experiences with eating disorders, and how we moved past them.

VERONICA VARLOW is a siren born of the 1940′s fantasy of pinup girls and femme fatales. Varlow charms audiences worldwide with her sultry singing, fire dancing, belly dance and classic slow burn burlesque. We talked about how fear of change keeps us stuck, about stepping into the life you’ve always wanted, and how to play really big, even when the chips are down!

TERRI COLE is a psychotherapist, strategist, and coach, and is an expert on fear and the mind/body connection. It is her calling to demystify fear and bring calm to the chaos that big careers and exciting lives can create. We chatted for an hour about how we can become more aware of what our fears are, learning to see fear as a friend (and not a foe), stopping the comparison habit, and extricating ourselves from toxic relationships.

LOUISE ANDROLIA is a writer, inspirational speaker, life coach, artist, tarot reader and general magic maker. She is on a constant quest to honour her inner weirdo. We talked about how gratitude can change your life, learning to manage your energy, so-called “psychic vampires”, and feeling your feelings!

GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN is a spiritual teacher, and has been named “a next-generation thought leader” by Oprah. We sat down for a damn good chat about spirituality, manifesting miracles, and the little things we can do to make life more magical!

They’re such an incredible group of women, and the conversations we’ve had have been juicy, in-depth, and no-holds-barred. There’s no small-talk here! I’m sure you’ll fall in love with each of them, just like I have! More importantly, I know that hearing their stories — and uncovering their lessons — will help you to become happier, more confident, and more brave in your own life.

Radical Self Love Bootcamp

Radical Self Love Bootcamp is a brilliant way to jumpstart your radical self love practice, and an incredible way to start the year. Click through for more information, and you can always tweet me if you have any questions!

Love forever!