Radical Self Love Bootcamp: Frequently Asked Questions!

Radical Self Love Warriors!Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth.

Our launch of Radical Self Love Bootcamp has been a huge success! It’s so exciting to see the names of all the Bootcamp Betties roll into my inbox! I can’t wait to unite with you all in the forum & make this thing BANG!

I’ve received a few questions about the programme since then, & I wanted to answer them publicly in case you’re wondering about the same thing!

Here we go… !

“Is the price ever going to go up?”

Definitely not! I promise you that the price will never go up!

“Do you have a payment plan? I really want to do it but I can’t pay for it all at once!”

Yes! You’re welcome to pay 2 installments of $50 or 4 installments of $25. You’ll be billed monthly, & you’ll receive your copy of Radical Self Love Bootcamp when you’re all paid up!


“I’m curious if any of the content will be from Love & Sequins or the blog itself?”

Nope! All of the content is new. Having said that, you know me & you know what to expect when it comes to writing about radical self love! I will mention a few ideas or concepts which have been on the blog before, but they will be presented in a new, fresh way!

95% of the content will be totally new. I’m doing so much reading & research, with the intention of making it a really well-rounded, solid programme. That makes it much more challenging & satisfying for me, & more educational & informative for you!

“This is very exciting, Gala! I’ve been hoping for something like this from you for a while =] I think it’ll take off. Do you have plans for any sort of “life-time benefits” or extended support beyond the 30 day boot camp for the warriors who sign up?”

Yes! You get lifetime access to the forum — which is amaaaaaaaazing, & such an important tool for a radical self love journey! — & there will be mega-discounts & incentives for future programmes, too!

“Looks fabulous! Will there be a per-event basis method of buying into the bootcamp? Say $100 is a big sum to drop for a lot of us (although it’s absolutely worth it), but say you can charge $5 or $10 per broadcasted classes, mp3s, or whatever else you may have in store. I have a friend that I definitely want to get involved in this… but again, the cost is a bit high (for the unemployed like us) – if it’s divvied up into smaller chunks where we could really pick out something that could work for us.. it’d be fantastic. Regardless, good luck with it!!!”

Yes! I’m going to be live-streaming a radical self love circle regularly — probably on a weekly basis. This will definitely be open to anyone who wants to join in, & it will be very inexpensive!

I might make other bits & pieces available, too. Stay tuned!

“I’m so excited about your RSL bootcamp–I’ve really been doing some transformative stuff lately and I think it could just be the cherry on top. Anyway, I had a quick question. I’m going to be studying abroad during the fall and winter, and am concerned I won’t have enough time to give myself to the bootcamp during October. Is it something that I could do at my own pace, kind of catch up throughout October, November, and December? Or is it pretty scheduled into the month of October?”

The best thing about Radical Self Love Bootcamp is that it’s a self-study course, & entirely up to you as to how quickly you devour the material. You can start October 1st or January 15th. If you want to savour it & move slowly, you can! If you’re going away on holiday halfway through, it’s okay! You can come back to it whenever you want.

The forum will be perpetually brimming with people starting at different times, & moving at different rates. The great thing about this is that it means oldies can help newbies, & there will be an even more wonderful wealth of information to draw upon!

So, all this to say… Yes! It is definitely something you can do at your own pace!

“I am so happy that you are kicking off the bootcamp for RSL, I don’t think I mentioned it to you but ever since I heard the first L&S installation I figured you should do this. Anyhow since I’m based in a completely different time zone, Sweden is 6 hours ahead of NYC, I am wondering how this will work for the live sessions. Will they be available someplace after you have “aired”? Might you hold some sessions on times that would be feasible for us europeans?”

I’m going to hold the live-streaming classes at various times, to give everyone around the world a shot at interacting with me in realtime! However, having said that, all classes will be archived so if you miss one, there’s no sweat! I’ll be taking questions before the classes, too, so if there’s something you want me to answer but you’re going to be at work or asleep, you’re still able to get my feedback on your issue!

“Do you have a blog badge for the Radical Self Love Boot Camp? I’d love to promote it on my blog!”

Yes ma’am, I do! Just copy & paste the code below the image to have this picture show up on your blog!

Radical Self Love Bootcamp!