Radical Self Love Bootcamp Is Half Price Until September… And Then It’s Gone Forever!

Radical Self Love Bootcamp Is Half Price Until September... And Then It's Gone Forever!

After two years — almost to the day — of Radical Self Love Bootcamp, it’s time for a change. Yes: my Bootcamp is on its way out.

Thousands of babes have taken the course… And loved it. My inbox overflows with sweet words from women who have completed Bootcamp, and it fills me with happiness.

So why am I pulling the plug?

Firstly, my vision of radical self love has changed a lot in the last two years. I’ve experienced so many things, talked with so many women, and learned so much. I believe it’s my responsibility to present you with a fully updated and refreshed view of radical self love, incorporating all I’ve discovered!

And secondly, from teaching over 200 women at The Blogcademy, I’ve uncovered a lot about how people learn, and the best way to communicate information. I have some great ideas about how to present information and new concepts in the future, and I’m eager to experiment with them!

It’s time to clear a bit of space for something new.

But before I do, I’m offering you the chance to get Radical Self Love Bootcamp for half price! Click below to snap it up!

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Not sure what Radical Self Love Bootcamp is? It’s a 30 day course designed to get you from doldrums to delight!

Over the course of a month, you’ll learn how to fall in love with yourself, revitalise your view of who you are, realise how incredibly beautiful your body is, be encouraged to live spontaneously and karate-chop your limiting beliefs, start making essential changes, begin living with more integrity and truth, and get motivated, energised and excited again!

In addition to a whole month of reading and activities, Bootcamp comes bundled with videos, MP3s and even a forum where you can connect with other women on this same journey.

Here are a few testimonials from some Bootcamp babes!

“I chose to take part in your Radical Self-Love Bootcamp last year to help me address my self-esteem issues and issues I felt I had surrounding my father’s death in 2006, but instead of unearthing the dark feelings I thought I had and that I would need to then tackle, your words and suggestions made me realise that in fact my life is already amazing, I’m already pretty cool and I have so much to be grateful for. It made me realise that I was feeing a lot of fear that I labelled as ‘daddy issues’ when really it was simply fears. The Bootcamp was truly life-changing for me and I am so pleased I took part!” (Sarah Steffens)

“I’m really loving the course so far! I’m about halfway through now & my focus has drastically shifted. I already feel so much better about myself & everything around me. Thank you!” (Maraluce van Dijk)

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this journey you have created, to help me learn how to apply these great tools to love myself FINALLY!!!!! You are a brilliant fluorescent angel of love. Keep up the revolution! Cheers!” (Alyssa Gardner)

“After reading through Love & Sequins several times, I decided to take the big plunge and do the Bootcamp. I had made some strides in therapy, but the Bootcamp really helped give me concrete things to do on a daily basis. I’ve slowly started to put myself first, listen to my intuition, & blossom into a better version of who I was before. As you say, it’s not an overnight transformation. It’s a lifelong commitment to caring for the person who matters most, ME! I think I’ve improved leaps and bounds in the past 3 months. I can only imagine how much better things will get. Thank you for your commitment to radical self love and your willingness to share it with those of us who need it most.” (Emily Kelly)

“I love the book, and I think you have a lot of great advice in it! You have a wonderful energy and I love the joy that you bring to what you do. I feel like it is helping me move forward on my own journey. You are a real inspiration, and so thank you.” (Katheryn)

“For me, the best part of RSL Bootcamp was the encouragement (through activities, homework, and the forum) to write about my hopes, dreams, and fears in a journal. This really helped me to stop bottling up the thoughts that were stressing me out, and to tackle them on paper instead. I found I got the most out of the bootcamp when I followed through with the activities, wrote my gratitude lists, and wrote in my journal daily. The women on the forum are wonderful, kind, and helpful people. They are from all different types of backgrounds, all different ages, and each has something brilliant to bring to the table. Meeting and chatting with a number of these women has been a great experience.” (Meaghan)

“I love your blog, your RSL bootcamp, and the parts of Love & Sequins I’ve read/listened to so far. You are one of my biggest inspirations, not because you inspire me to be like you, but because you inspire me to be me.” (Susannah)

If you’d like to know more about Bootcamp, you can read the full details here!

Be sure to pounce on this offer… Come September, Radical Self Love Bootcamp will disappear into the ether!


Note: I am not a doctor, and Bootcamp isn’t designed to treat serious psychological disorders. If you’re really struggling with your emotions, your eating or self-harm, please make seeing a competent medical professional your top priority.