Radical Self Love Bootcamp: Transform How You See The World — And Yourself — In Six Weeks

Every day, my inbox fills up with emails from women who are struggling with radical self love. They feel stuck: in dead-end jobs, in courses of study they’re not sure they’re enjoying anymore, and in relationships and marriages that feel stagnant and suffocating.

They know they should love themselves… But they don’t know where to start.

Baby, I’ve been there.

In 2006, I sabotaged my way out of a long-term relationship and found myself living alone for the first time in my life. I was bouncing from crappy temp job to crappy temp job, doing data entry and working in call centres. I was smoking about a pack of Lucky Strikes a day. I was lonely. I was depressed. I was hardly eating. Mostly I tried to distract myself from my own despair by getting romantically involved with wildly inappropriate people. The rest of the time I spent in bed, drinking scotch, and writing tragic, secretly-autobiographical love stories.

To say I was not in a good place was an extreme understatement.

That could have been the end of my story. If I hadn’t decided to make a big, terrifying leap into treating myself a little differently, I know I’d still be living in New Zealand. Still struggling. Still full of fear: afraid of the world, and afraid of myself.

Almost a decade later, I have made a career out of teaching other women how to embrace life. But until now, I hadn’t created a guide to radical self love for beginners. There was no step-by-step guide to changing your life and learning how to adore it.

Radical Self Love Bootcamp

That’s why it fills me with total delight to announce the pre-sale of Radical Self Love Bootcamp today.

Radical Self Love Bootcamp is a six-week program that will completely flip your perceptions of yourself and the world around you.

I created this course because despite the massive amount of information I’ve written about how to build self-esteem, feel confident, and rock your life, it can be difficult to know where to begin. It’s just like learning how to read: someone could walk you to a library, but you wouldn’t necessarily know what to do first, or where to start. That’s why Radical Self Love Bootcamp is so useful, and so powerful. It’s a step-by-step breakdown of the essential groundwork that leads the way to radical self love.

Radical self love might seem like an abstract, amorphous concept, but this is not some airy-fairy, woo-woo thing. It is a very real way of living your life. And while I’ll be sharing some guidelines and stories — both from my life and others’ — radical self love works best when it fits with YOUR lifestyle. Our definitions of radical self love will have differences, and that’s wonderful. Together, we will create something that works for YOU.

For six weeks, we’ll work together to design a highly individualised, very personal radical self love lifestyle that fills you with joy. You’ll learn daily rituals that will elevate your existence, discover tools and techniques to help you deal with stress and overwhelm, and create your own shortcuts to joy.

I believe life should feel exciting, full of adventure and colour. I believe that when you look in the mirror, you should feel contented, if not downright delighted. And I believe you should have so much confidence that it brings your demons to their knees.

That’s what we’re going to work on, side by side. Radical Self Love Bootcamp will show you, step-by-step, how to transform your view of yourself and the world. Before long, you’ll be the happiest person you know.


Radical Self Love Bootcamp


When does Radical Self Love Bootcamp start?
This is a pre-sale. You’ll receive your first lesson on Monday January 12th: just enough time to thoroughly enjoy your holidays, and get your year kicked off on the right foot!

I did Radical Self Love Bootcamp back when you first released it. Is this the same thing?
No. It has been totally revamped and overhauled. The content is all new, and so is the delivery. I was delighted with the results from the first iteration of Bootcamp, but this is a massive improvement! If you did Bootcamp years ago, you will be thrilled with this new course.

Is the price going to go up?
Yes. This is the special pre-sale price which will only be available until the 21st of December. When Radical Self Love Bootcamp starts in January, the price will go up.

All the details are right here! If you have any questions I haven’t answered, feel free to tweet me!

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you. It is going to be so magical!

Big love,