Radical Self Love Fest #1: Love, Magic, Astrology, And Spooky Adventures

Finally! I am super-excited to announce that my very first podcast has just rolled off the presses and is available for you to download, listen, and enjoy. Meow!

Last week, I sat down with one of my very favourite people, Colin Bedell, to talk about love and relationships, how soulmates hit your buttons (and indeed, whether soulmates exist at all), applying spiritual principles to your day-to-day existence, Full Moon rituals, the importance of taking action in a messed up world, whether magic is real, visiting Salem, and so much more!

I hope that listening to it brings you lots of joy, a few laughs, and several lightbulb moments!

Be sure to subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss any upcoming episodes! And by the way, if you want to watch us recording this podcast live on my hot pink couch, you can! Click here for the video.

Big love and microphones,