Radical Self Love Fest #2: Vagina Angst And Open Relationships with Alexandra Roxo

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to present you with a little surprise for the weekend: the second Radical Self Love Fest podcast. In this episode — which clocks in at an hour and fifteen minutes — I talk to my friend Alexandra Roxo about sexuality.

Alexandra is a modern muse: a filmmaker, writer, healer, and coach. She is a pioneer at the intersection of sexuality and spirituality, and I love her fresh, joyful take on the subject.

In this episode, we discuss…
Vagina angst and how society twists us to feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction
The seven different types of orgasms (including one which causes you to lose feeling in your hands for hours!)
How to have true sexual confidence and freedom
 Dropping old shame stories, and how our original pain can be our greatest work in the world
The transition from being a princess to a queen archetype
Open relationships and the difficulty of getting all your needs met by one person
How jealousy is a learned behaviour and not actually “human nature”
Orgasmic meditation as a practice
…And a lot more!

More episodes coming soon…