Radical Self Love Giveaway! Murano Glass Heart Pendant!

Murano Heart Pendant

You’ve come a long way, baby! Radical Self Love has kicked our asses five ways from Sunday… & I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

If you never managed to find a Radical Self Love totem, or you lost yours, or sheesh, if you just like hearts, this giveaway is for you!

Up for grabs is a beautiful Murano glass heart-shaped pendant, like the one pictured! Exquisite, delicate, flecked with gold & totally one of a kind — what could be a more perfect totem for Radical Self Love?

Murano glass art started in Rome in the 9th Century. It’s created when chemical silica is heated to extremely high temperatures & then crafted by the artisan using a glass-blowing technique. When the glass begins to cool, colouring agents are added.

Every single piece of Murano glass is handmade, making each item completely unique.

How can you enter? Just tell us what you love most about yourself! It could be your unusual laugh or your devotion to making strangers smile, your freckles or your smooching prowess — whatever it is, sing it loud & proud in a comment below!

Thank you so very, very much to Marina from Murano Glass Gifts for sponsoring this Radical Self Love giveaway!

This contest is open to everyone & will be drawn next Tuesday! Be sure to enter your real email address so I can contact you if you win. (I promise never to spam you!)

Good luck!