Radical Self Love In Brisbane!

Radical Self Love In Brisbane!


Pop quiz: are you a radical self love warrior? Are you awesome? And most crucially, can you get to Brisbane?! Alright, well, shimmy into your favourite shoes and get ready, because Queensland, I’m thrilled to announce that we’re bringing the party to you!

Yeah girl, it’s true! We’re going to have a massive celebration of self-adoration, and of course, you’re invited!

What’s on the menu? A very lively panel discussion with Melissa Ambrosini, Julie Parker and Rachel Macdonald, where we’ll be chatting about radical self love, sisterhood and soulpreneurship. No holds barred! There are also going to be organic treats and drinks, a rocking dance party, and plenty of opportunities for photos galore! It’s going to be the best.

The pre-sale yesterday went nuts and there are only a handful of tickets left… It’s going to be amazing: a room full of love, enthusiasm, and glitter!

Get your ticket right now!

Wear your Sunday best… I can’t wait to hug you!
So excited!