Radical Self Love Letters: An Update!

Radical Self Love Letters: An Update!

I’ve been having so much fun writing and creating my Radical Self Love Letters, and — thankfully! — the babes who subscribed are enjoying the experience, too!

I wanted to share an email and a few tweets that have made me blush with pride!

“I’ve been through a pretty rough time lately which has lead to me becoming estranged from my family, with no confidence in myself whatsoever. It’s been tough and has left me feeling at an all time low, but your daily emails and Love & Sequins has really really helped me through this difficult stage in my life and I really feel like the the amazing, shiny, sparkling Steff is starting to resurface again. A mere “thank you” really cannot express the gratitude I feel for everything you’ve done. You have literally been a life saver! Hope you don’t mind but I’ve been printing your Radical Self Love Letters out and sticking them in my RSLBible which I’ve now started…” (Steff)

Frequently asked questions

Q. I signed up yesterday, but haven’t received my first Love Letter yet… Where is it?!
A. You will get your first Love Letter exactly 24 hours after you sign up! Keep this in mind if you have a preference as to what time you receive your emails… Sign up in the morning if you’d like to start your day with a Love Letter!

Q. Can I buy Radical Self Love Letters for my BFF?
A. Of course! When you get your confirmation email, click the link at the bottom of the email to manage your subscription information. You can switch your address with your BFF’s!

Q. Wait, somehow I missed this! What are Radical Self Love Letters?!
A. No worries! You can learn more about Radical Self Love Letters here.

Do you want in?!

Endless love,

Excellent envelope and hand-lettering by Em Dash Paper Co.