Radical Self Love Lifestyle Tip #1: Create Disneyland In Your Heart Every Day…

Disneyland in your heart

Create Disneyland in your heart every day.

…Because radical self love is not just about learning to love who we are. Our vision of radical self love extends to how we treat ourselves, our lovers, our environment & our responsibilities towards everyone else on the planet. When you create Disneyland in your heart every day, what you’re really doing is transforming your existence & your experience, & by extension, everyone else’s existence & experience!

You can morph the mundane into the magical with only a small change of perspective. Make breakfast a luxurious event, send emails with a smile (the receiver can feel it!) & make an effort to welcome the beauty of life — which exists all around you — into reality.

Adding a bit of flourish to your life doesn’t have to be tricky or expensive. Fresh flowers which will brighten your apartment cost less than a cocktail in Manhattan, & sending your loved ones postcards will only set you back the price of a stamp.

You can’t make magic unless your heart is full of love. Similarly, when you make space for beauty, your brain works better. Ideas flow thick & fast; genius, eureka moments become a regular occurrence; & that smile on your face makes you look ever so gorgeous!

Focus on the things which make you happy, & fill your heart with so much love that you think it will burst. In fact, your capacity for love, light, fireworks & birthday cake will only grow.

With thanks to Christopher from SoulGarden, who always inspires.

Disneyland in your heart