Radical Self Love: Open Session!

Radical Self Love: Open Session!Illustration by Lottie Frank.

Calling all radical self love warriors!

Now, I know y’all are aware that Radical Self Love Bootcamp is starting soon! (Less than two months to go!) But of course, learning to love yourself is an ongoing personal project for many of us!

When I started this blog, in 2006, the premise was simple: I’d write about fashion & everything I loved. As time progressed, it became clear that as fun as life-affirming as fashion can be, most women don’t really need help with picking an outfit. Like I always say, a pair of leopard-print heels will only make you feel good for so long. After that, you need something a bit stronger.

I realised that I could help people much more if I decided to lead the radical self love charge. Since then, radical self love has become my mission, my message, my raison d’ĂȘtre. This website is one of the ways I do that. Part of it is a living example: even though I’m (hugely!) flawed & (definitely!) imperfect, my life is devoted to discovering what radical self love looks like for me, & my hope is that by showing you that, I can inspire you on your own journey.

The other side of that is helping you with your own radical self love issues, & while I can sit here & make guesses about what you’re grappling with, it’s much easier if I hear it straight from the source! When I know what you’re dealing with, I can write things that will help you directly — & that’s what I want to be doing, all day, every day.

So I’m here to ask you… What is it about radical self love that trips you up? What do you have trouble with? What lessons can you not make “stick”? What would you like advice on?

Are you comparing yourself to other women? Have you found yourself surrounded by “frenemies” who don’t have your best interests at heart? Are your intimate relationships plagued by messiness? Are you freaked out about your own sexuality?

Let me know! Email me at gala@galadarling.com! Your responses will help shape & determine the direction of this site for the next few days, weeks, months… !

P.S. Hopefully I’ll end up answering your question here! With this in mind, if you’d like to remain anonymous, just say so in the email!

Radical Self Love: Open Session!