Radical Self Love Salon: A Recap, A Contest, And New Dates!

I spent my weekend with fourteen incredible women: laughing, crying, making magic and making mischief at the Radical Self Love Salon. As it was my first solo event ever, I was understandably nervous… But I needn’t have worried. It was 100% wonderful from start to finish.


Everyone received a brightly-printed tote bag with a few goodies inside…


Like this notebook, for example! It turned out to be the perfect inclusion, because there was definitely some wild note-taking going on.


There were energy techniques, flickering candles, and the burning and releasing of things we no longer wanted. Plus, rose petals.


So many rose petals!



I wore the Meadow Crown by Crown and Glory, and an extremely bright dress. It just seemed like the right thing to do!


The dress code for the Radical Self Love Salon is “Sunday best”. Why? Because showing up for yourself and taking time to actively increase your level of self-love is a special thing. It should be celebrated, and so we dress for the occasion. Of course, I was delighted when Emily showed up with this tiara!



“I always leave your events leaving refreshed and inspired, and this was absolutely no different — when I walked out of that door, I felt like I could conquer all the obstacles that had felt so insurmountable before. Perfectionism, self-deprecation, comparison, all the icky feelings that keep me down seemed to melt away. Whether it was a wave of the rose quartz wand, the energy grounding, or just the fabulous energy of the ladies in that room, who knows? But it truly was magic!” (Luna)

“Gala’s Radical Self Love Salon was life altering. Expect huge mind shifts, camaraderie, inspiration plus lots of practical techniques to incorporate more self love into your life. This is an area that every single woman can afford to improve upon. I left feeling totally relieved of my burdens, injected with love and with an arsenal of exciting techniques to love myself more. Plus, Gala is an absolute delight to be around! Definitely jump on this opportunity to learn how to love yourself more.” (Rachel)

“I was surprised how emotional I became hearing tidbits of the groups’ lives. It was a testament to how we all are going through it! It was a beautiful experience having like minded people come together in a space and vibe. Gala, the salon was a lovely balance of give and take. You knew when to lead and facilitate as well as sit back and let us learn from each other. I had a lot of fun and would love to attend another workshop as well as volunteer to getting your message of radical self love out there. Xo” (Emily)


Emily, Kristin, Leah, Kiyomi, Islandia, Nikki, and Luna: thank you for making the first Radical Self Love Salon a day to remember. Emily, Phoebe, Manu, Iris, Rebecca, Michelle and Rachel: we were clearly too blissed out to remember to do a group photo! Oh no! Even so, thank you for being there. You were a gorgeous group.

The next New York Radical Self Love Salon is August 23rd. There are only seven seats available, so be quick!

I can’t wait to give London a big dose of radical self love this Friday! There are still some tickets left, and of course, I’d love to see you there. Also, because the London venue is much bigger, I have one ticket to give away! All you have to do is comment here, letting me know why you’d like to attend a Radical Self Love Salon. (Be sure to include your email address in your comment!) Winners will be notified on Wednesday, and responsible for making their own way to the venue.


Gorgeous photos by Emily Faulstich. Class photo by Luna Valentine.