Radical Self Love: The First Workshop, Take Two!

Radical Self Love!

Hello my radical self love warriors!

I have some great news, some not-so-fab news, & then some EXCELLENT news! So here we go!


Our radical self love workshop today was an ABSOLUTE blast! We had an amazing time. Everyone watching was chatting away & having fun, I broadcast for over an hour, & answered as many questions as I possibly could!

Here’s some feedback from the event:

“Thank you so much for sharing these AND for doing this session. I would gladly pay for a monthly session. It brings such a brightness to my day and sets the tone for the month! With these, I feel like I could take on anything! ♥” — Audrey

“I think this was absolutely fantastic. I feel wonderful!” — Angela

“The workshop was so fun Gala! I sat down with some homemade chicken coconut soup, a glass of wine (ok a few) and opened the curtains to the snow falling outside while I listened. I feel so inspired and I can’t wait for the next!” — Megan

“the workshop was brilliant, thank you Gala, you are an absolute gem. I wrote pages of stuff down at the same time so plenty going on the bible!” — Rachael

“LOVED your workshop!! Thanks for inspiring me at a time when I really need it!” — @thebockster

“what a great afternoon with u & the chatgroup. la-la-love you! <3 <3 <3" -- @bunnables

“WOW! Totally fired-up by Gala Darling’s live workshop session! February is all about RSL baaaaaaaby! #RSLgivesyouwiiings” — @AlexiaLenoir

“Hi Gala, just awesome, amazing and life enriching! Such a buzz to connect with people creating such a positive and encouraging space for growth and of course Love! You yourself were fabulous and really generous with your time so thank you. I have come away feeling like it was the best $7 (or £equivalent! ;p) I’ve spent this year! and I’m a self evolution junkie always reading/surfing lol!” — Eden

All the participants are chat-chat-chatting away on Facebook, exchanging emails, setting up radical self love penpal groups & local meet-ups… So beautiful!

What an extraordinarily awesome group of people! Thank you so much to everyone who was there. I love y’all, & you know it!


Pay-Per-View shows are new, fabulous technology. I think my show was the third Pay-Per-View broadcast Ustream has ever done! & as such… there were some technical difficulties.

Namely? The broadcast didn’t record. OH NO! Terrible news! When I found out, I almost cried, & I felt so bad for everyone who bought a ticket & was planning on watching later! But it’s okay. Because…


I’m going to broadcast the workshop AGAIN on Thursday February 3rd at 12pm EST! This is great for a few reasons. Firstly, a do-over is almost always better than the first time! Secondly, if you bought a ticket to the original broadcast, it will work for this one too! Thirdly, if you had to miss the original broadcast due to work, school, or that ever-important annoyance called sleep, you have another chance to participate live! (May I be so bold as to say that it’s worth waking up in the middle of the night for?!)

Actually being there in the chat as it all unfolds is the best best best thing, because it gives you an opportunity to talk to everyone else there, as well as ask me questions! Some fantastic new friendships were forged today, & it makes me so happy to see!


Q: I bought a ticket to the first workshop & was planning on watching it later, but never got around to it. Do I have to buy another one?
A: No way babycakes! Your ticket is good for the second session too!

Q: What if I can’t be there to watch the second broadcast?
A: Well, this time (!!!) it will record, & you will be able to watch it whenever you like! I promise!

Q: I saw the first one, can I watch the second one too?
A: YES! Of course! You are so welcome to tune in again! In fact, I’d love to see you there!

Q: I saw the first one, & I wondered if you have a summary of all the homework you gave out?
A: Why, yes, I do! (Thanks, Alexandra!) Simply email me for the link!

Click here to buy a ticket!(But remember, if you already have one, you’re good to go!)

I MAJORLY apologise to everyone who was wondering where the recording was today! I know, I know, I wish it had worked out too! But it will be okay, & it will be bigger, better, faster, stronger!

Thank you so much for your patience. Here’s to Thursday! Go team!