Radical Self Love: The First Workshop!

Radical Self Love

Let’s start February off with a BANG! I’m conducting my very first Radical Self Love Workshop on February 1st at 12pm, NYC time!

I’ll be 100% live, broadcasting vivid streaming video from International Playgirl HQ & beaming it all over the planet! Tune in from your computer (or even your smartphone!), along with dozens of other disco queens & love warriors, & whip out your radical self love bible! Get ready to make sparks fly & embrace your inner splendidness with me!

Radical Self LovePhoto by Chloe Rice!

The aim of this workshop is to dose you with a big spoonful of RADICAL SELF LOVE MAGIC. It will be like a sonic-love-boom to blast you through February! February at galadarling.com is going to be Radical Self Love Month like you’ve never seen before!

What’s on the agenda?

I’ll be speaking extensively about my own vision of radical self love, & how it has evolved for me personally in the last year! What does radical self love look like? How can you take those ideas & translate them into revolutionary personal action?

We’ll talk about loving what you see in the mirror, how to romance yourself, & how to “un-stuck” yourself when you don’t know how to move forward in your radical self love mission!

We’ll examine the menagerie of messages we’re sending out to the world about ourselves, & how we can tweak the ways we interact with people! (This also counts as your informal introduction to international playgirl charm school!)

We’ll discuss the obstacles & perilous hindrances that most often derail the radical self love journey, & how to STOMP them out (without mercy)!

I’ll dish out lots of amazing homework ideas, projects & exercises to put into your radical self love bible over the course of the month!

Best of all, there will be plenty of Q&A, because it’s often when you get your problems solved! I’ll be taking questions in advance–so please let me know what YOU want to know about radical self love!

Mostly though, it will be an awesome, fun celebration of everything we love about ourselves–& how we can ramp that feeling up so we feel really good! (I’ll tell you a secret: having those feelings is the first step toward manifesting your dream life!)

The workshop will go for an hour & is $7! (Isn’t that less than your daily Starbucks run?!)

P.S. Attention international playgirls (& playboys)! If you’re going to be asleep at 12 my time, or at work, or otherwise indisposed, sign up anyway–because you can log in & watch the recording anytime you like!

I am so UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED about this workshop, & I can’t wait to see you there with me! Please spread the word, tell your friends, & let’s have a FANTASTIC digital party next Tuesday!