Radical Self-Love: The Live Online Class!

I‘m so excited to announce the Radical Self-Love online class! My book, Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams, was an instant bestseller, and every day, I hear from women all over the world about how the book changed their life. Now I am delighted to help you go deeper, and experience even more love and joy in your life.

Each week for six weeks, we’ll be going in-depth with a different chapter from the book. As we progress, you’ll follow along by doing the homework. This course will help you to see yourself — and the world around you — with new eyes. You will learn new techniques and approaches that are not in the book and that have helped me experience amazing results.

The online class is live and you can join us from anywhere! I’ll be sharing my personal experiences and lessons, and teach you how you can apply the concepts from the book in your own life. You’ll be part of an online group where you can ask questions, get advice, and discover solutions. You will all be connected to one another, so you can gain support from — and give encouragement to! — other badass babes who are just like you.

I’m really psyched for this class, because I have learned so many new things since the book was published! I cannot wait to share them with you. They will blow your mind, just like they have blown mine!

Here’s what you can expect.


I’ll share why I started studying radical self-love, what it means to me, and how it is still a constant work in progress in my life! We’ll discuss what it really is to “see with new eyes” and how when we approach the world from a fresh point of view, miracles manifest all around us. You’ll be asked to identify the areas of your life that would benefit from a new perspective, and discover how you can start to make progress, even now.


This week, you’ll uncover the stepping stones that lead to true self-love (and a radical mindset). I’ll share some ideas for the best radical self-love dates ever, show you how to use energy techniques to reset your nervous system, and discuss creating a whole new persona (the one you always dreamed about). You’ll discover new ways to love your body, walk confidently, and dazzle everyone around you!


What does it mean to be happy — and should we really be striving for it? In this class, we’ll talk about what it really means to be in the present moment (hint: it’s not what you think), break old patterns of insecurity and unworthiness, and how to set up your daily life in a way that supports you in becoming the babe you always wanted to be.


In week four, we dive into the sticky subject of making friends — and even more crucially, keeping them! How can you amp up your friendships to make them even more supersonic, and how hard is it to make new ones, really? I’ll be sharing anecdotes from my own life to help you transform your inner circle and have way more fun.


How can we manifest the lover of our dreams, transform our relationships, and maintain our sense of self even when we’re smitten? In week five, I’ll share all the answers to these questions (and more). You’ll learn about non-verbal communication, love languages, and navigating the seas of love when the boat starts rocking. This week will change the way you look at relationships forever!


Our final lesson will feature an exploration of how we can create the lives we’ve always wanted, and a handful of magic and rituals to help expedite the process. You’ll learn how to get clear on what you want, as well as how you can use your feelings as a barometer of success. I have so many new tricks around this subject which I can’t wait to share!

REQUIRED READING: Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams.

WHEN: The class starts on Wednesday the 14th of September and our last session is October 19th. The lessons are live on Wednesdays at 3pm (Los Angeles), 6pm (New York), 11pm (London), 8am Thursday (Sydney), 10am Thursday (Auckland).  If you can’t attend live, you are welcome to submit questions in advance and watch the playback at any time!

Sign up now for only $97! Just click the link below, and we will be in touch with how you can gain access to the group and recordings.


“It was life altering. Expect huge mind shifts, camaraderie, inspiration plus lots of practical techniques to incorporate more self love into your life. This is an area that every single woman can afford to improve upon. I left feeling totally relieved of my burdens, injected with love and with an arsenal of exciting techniques to love myself more.” — Rachel K.

“I realised that I had been my own gatekeeper to authentic happiness for more than two-thirds of my life. I was the one who had crawled after men’s crumbs, feeling like I didn’t deserve any better. I was the one who constantly sabotaged herself, so that the light of my passion for life wouldn’t shine too bright (and maybe blind someone). Even though I had already done so much self-love work before buying this adventure, it showed me new paths to walk on and explore. I feel softer, more feminine, more grounded and just more “me” than I did before I started.” — Cat Bennis

“I always leave your events leaving refreshed and inspired, and this was absolutely no different — when I walked out of that door, I felt like I could conquer all the obstacles that had felt so insurmountable before. Perfectionism, self-deprecation, comparison, all the icky feelings that keep me down seemed to melt away.” — Noelle Nichole

I cannot wait to embark on this brand new adventure with you! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to send them to love@galadarling.com.

Radical self-love always,