#RadicalSelfLoveJuly: An Instagram Challenge!

Who doesn’t love a good project?! A couple of months ago, I met up with Veronica Varlow for juice, and told her, “You don’t Instagram enough. I want you to post once a day, every day, for a month.” Always up for a dare, she took that idea and ran with it, inviting in her audience and turning it into a Peepshow Challenge.

I loved the idea, and I want to do the same with you! The twist? The whole challenge revolves around radical self love.

Starting on July 1st, I’m going to be using Instagram to document the things in my life I’m thankful for… And I’d love you to join me! All you need to do is put the hashtag #radicalselflovejuly on your pictures!

With #radicalselflovejuly, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your relationship to yourself and others, as well as becoming instantly connected to a bevy of radical self love babes. What could be better than that? (Plus, if you’re lacking a little Insta-inspiration, this will cure you of your “What am I gonna post?!” blues!)

#radicalselflovejuly Instagram Challenge


July 1st: Silly selfie
Introduce yourself with a silly selfie! And if you feel so inclined, in the caption, tell us your name and age, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re hoping to achieve over the next month.

July 2nd: Your idol
Who do you admire, and why? Share a photo, and tell us what makes them so great in your eyes. Is it their style, their work, the way they hold themselves? Let us know!

July 3rd: Positive graffiti
It’s time to get down and dirty! Go out and make your mark on the world. This could be as simple as drawing a heart in chalk on the street, or wheat-pasting a huge poster that says “You are beautiful”. Use your imagination!

July 4th: Your reflection
Get creative! Snap a picture in an abandoned street mirror, in a hub-cap, in the shiny side of an espresso machine.

July 5th: A self love date
Where do you go and what do you do when you go out on a radical self love date? Show us, and tell us what makes it so special to you.

July 6th: Your best feature
Sure, this could be a physical attribute, but it could just as easily be one of your character traits. What is your favourite thing about you?

July 7th: Favourite book
Show us a picture of a book that got you through a hard time. Bonus points: post an excerpt or a favourite quote!

July 8th: Draw yourself
Grab a pen and sketch us a quick self-portrait! Don’t worry if you can’t draw… Creating a masterpiece is not the goal!

July 9th: Radical self love meal
Choosing to nourish ourselves is one of the simplest ways to show love to ourselves. What’s one of your favourite meals that makes you feel good?

July 10th: #TBT
Share a throwback photo with us! Go on: rustle up your silliest, goofiest, weirdest photo from the good old days.

July 11th: RSL bible
What’s going on in your Radical Self Love Bible, art journal, or notebook? What are you creating? Show us a picture (or even a video!) of a work in progress.

July 12th: In your bag
This one is simple: take your purse, turn it upside down, and document the contents! What weird and wonderful things do you carry around on a daily basis, and why?

July 13th: No makeup selfie
Ooh la la! Show us your natural face, and your inner beauty. Don’t be shy!

July 14th: Get physical
What’s your favourite way to move your body? Reveal your favourite yoga position, the place you run in the mornings, or your best hula-hoop trick!

July 15th: Your happy place
We all need somewhere to go when we want to be alone. Where do you go, and why do you love it so much?

July 16th: Favourite quote
Sometimes, other people are able to put into words the things we can’t articulate. Share your favourite quote with us.

July 17th: Your city
Where do you live, and what do you love about it? What makes it magical and unique?

July 18th: Inspiring friend
Who is your most inspirational friend, and why? What is it that makes them truly special in your eyes?

July 19th: Great outdoors
Get out of the house, and get amongst nature! Toes in grass, swimming pools, mountain look-outs, oceans… We want to see it all!

July 20th: Radical self love totem
Do you carry or wear a radical self love reminder every day? Share it with us!

July 21st: Morning mantra
What do you tell yourself in the morning to help get you through the day?

July 22nd: Magic
How do you define magic? Show us something you think is truly enchanting. It could be your altar or collection of crystals, or as simple as a photo of the clouds.

July 23rd: On your wall
The art and imagery we surround ourselves with says so much about us, and can inspire us to do great things. So, what’s on your wall?

July 24th: Gratitude
Show us what you’re thankful for, today.

July 25th: Bed-head
What does your hair look like in the morning? Share the weirdness!

July 26th: I wish I was…
…In Santorini? …Six feet tall? …More colourful? Reveal something from your dreams.

July 27th: Pampering
How do you take care of yourself? A good long bubble bath, a reflexology session, a nap, a brand new pedicure?

July 28th: Blow bubbles
Grab a bottle of mixture and a wand (or a gun if you’re so inclined!), and make some bubbly magic!

July 29th: Mirror wisdom
Uncap a tube of lipstick and write a love message to yourself on your mirror.

July 30th: I love…
What do you love about yourself today?

July 31st: Super-selfie
Give us your best face: radical selfie love! Pout, flutter your eyelashes, and show us your most gorgeous self.

How do I play?
It’s easy-peasy. Either save the image above — or like it on Instagram — so you have a reminder of the prompts on-hand! Then, use the prompts to spark your creativity. Take photos, upload them to Instagram, and be sure to tag them with #radicalselflovejuly! I’ll be sharing my favourites over the month, too.

What if I miss a day?
That’s okay! Just catch up whenever you can.

Can I post the challenge graphic on my Instagram?
Yes, of course! That’s probably the best thing to do, because then you’ll always have it to refer back to. Just remember to use the hashtag!

OH! Hurry up July, I can’t wait to get cracking!

Make (radical self) love to the camera,