#radicalselflovejuly: Week Three!

Here we are again! I’m enjoying #radicalselflovejuly so much, and by the looks of things — with over 11,000 images — you are too! If you’re starting to fret because we’re getting near the end, never fear: I’m already plotting another Instagram challenge for the future. Hooray!


DAY FIFTEEN: Your happy place

Good question: where do you go to be happy? Here are some answers: Emily dangles her feet in a pool, Kate levitates, and Emily Jayne blisses out in Cornwall.


DAY SIXTEEN: Favourite quote

The variety in quotes was tremendous. Tyler thinks she could be brave enough, Torie is battling the demons of doubt, Ayanna is all about uniqueness, and Sarah’s primary intention is to feel good.

I picked Yogi Bhajan as my favourite quote… Though to be fair, as an almost-professional collector of quotes, it was hard to choose just one!



There were so many fantastic photos on this day, spanning the globe from Panama to Omaha! I’ve picked these two as my favourites, though: Jessica lives la vie en rose in Paris, and Eleanor snapped the top of the Sky Tower in Auckland. I used to live on the same street as the Sky Tower, so seeing it is like a little taste of home!


DAY EIGHTEEN: Inspiring friend

I loved this shot that Leonie posted of her friend, Pauline. It was amazing to read about how much love you all have for your BFFs: totally testament to the power of friendship.

…And I couldn’t resist sharing what Kate had to say about her London Radical Self Love Salon experience!

Today: INSPIRING FRIEND (couldn’t be anyone other than the beautiful @galadarling after today’s #radicalselflovesalon …anyone who can invite you into a secret coven in a back room in Kings Cross underneath a gigantic disco ball, nourish you with cherry bakewell flavoured potions in fine china & red velvet cake, cast spells in a mini cauldron & send you out into the world with a bag full (and bra-full) of rose petals gets my vote everytime!)


DAY NINETEEN: Great outdoors

Since it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I wanted to see how everyone is celebrating it! From the photos I picked, I noticed a water theme… Very summery indeed!

Agnes is raring and ready to go! Cassy jumped into the sea and had a good, salty splash-off after the Radical Self Love Salon, and Harissa went snorkelling in San Pedro.



It’s fascinating to me to see what other people use as their radical self love totems: little mementos which remind us to love ourselves. They can range from the impermanent, like jewellery, to the very, very permanent!

I love these tattoos on Athena and Sarah. Athena says her wing tattoos remind her to soar, to have patience and to be vibrantly self-expressed, while Sarah explains that her chest tattoo is all about radical self love and personal growth. Perfection!


DAY TWENTY-ONE: Morning mantra

The question of the day: what do you tell yourself every morning? (I believe that the thoughts we think are potent, and that thinking positively first thing in the morning is massively beneficial. Here’s my morning mantra, in case you’re interested.)

There were some very bright colours on offer! Sarah knows today will be awesome, Nikki reminds herself to flow, allow and receive, Keri wants to keep on creating, and Eleanor will make great art.

Alright, we’re midway through a Blogcademy class, so it’s time to dash!