Rainbow Gangster

When I go shopping with Kat, you can accurately predict that I’m going to come home with something ridiculous. A couple of weeks ago, when we arrived in Vancouver, we hit the pavement in search of a Forever 21 so I could buy a cheap swimsuit. (Our apartment building had a hot tub, and there was no way I was going to miss out on that!)

I ended up grabbing this donut swimsuit, which is just as amazing as it sounds. But of course, we got distracted along the way… And this crop top, emblazoned with GANGSTER inside a holographic panel, was part of the collateral damage.

Later that week, when we made our way to the rainbow crosswalk with Diane and Mike, it was an obvious choice. I paired it with a blue metallic leather skirt from Topshop that I bought two years ago. I felt like an intergalactic cheerleader.

Rainbow Gangster

It’s just more proof that a great outfit doesn’t have to break the bank. I felt 100% comfortable and completely ludicrous… Which is a total win in my book.

Rainbow Gangster
Outfit credits: Necklace from Necessary Clothing, but this is just as good and only $8! Gangster crop top from Forever 21. Blue metallic leather skirt by Topshop, but this is similar (and beyond amazing).

Much love,

Photos by Diane and Mike.