Random Acts Of Kindness

I received this email the other day & I loved it! Too good not to share. I hope you enjoy it.

“I did something over the weekend, it felt like a little personal celebration of the good in anyone, small or not. I was looking at a set of thank you cards, while shopping with my sister, and talking about how pretty they were. They had neat little flowers and gryphon silhouettes on them. We separated and when I met her outside, she handed me the cards. I thought it was really sweet that she had bought them for me, so on the ride back to her apartment I decided to fill one out..

“Thank you for being such a splendid contribution to the universe. I hope you remember that today, and every day thereafter is bursting with your unlimited potential. You have something amazing inside of you that is going to take you where you want to be in life! Smile, you deserve it!

I had initially planned on giving the card to my sister, but when we arrived home, I was sealing the envelope and instead of writing her name, I drew a smiley face on the outside. And instead placed it under a randomly selected car’s windshield wiper.

It made me feel all snazzy and warm inside!

The person may assume they have a stalker and her name is Beth, but I hope it just brightened his/her day!

I felt like sharing because… well it seems like a good idea now that I’ve followed up and left six thank-you cards in parking garages and neighborhoods I’m strolling through.

I’d better stop writing now…

Magical powers of invisibility and such,