Sacred Mornings: Experience Your Full Radiance While The Sun Comes Up

Let us not beat around the bush, my friends. The most important thing in life is to feel good. If you don’t feel good, you will drag your shitty feelings behind you like a deflated parachute that picks up every crumb, piece of lint, and stray dog poop. One of the most effective ways to cut that parachute loose is to actively work on raising your vibration in the morning.

That is why, today, I want to talk to you about the concept of Sacred Mornings.

A lot of us act as if we don’t have enough time to do what we want to do, but that is just an excuse. Anyone — no matter how busy your life is — can find an hour in the morning. Brian Tracy calls this “setting the table”, but that’s not very sexy, which is why I prefer to think of this as a Sacred Morning practice.

Now, here’s the thing you might not be expecting me to say. This idea works best without a lot of structure, rules, or conditions. 


Because when we cover ourselves with rules and conditions, what we are essentially saying is that we cannot be happy unless this condition is met. We do this all the time. “I will be happy when he texts me back. Or I lose 10 pounds. Or I get one more client.” Nonsense. Bullshit. Stop that! The greatest lesson we will ever learn is to be happy no matter what. So why not begin as soon as your eyes flutter open? It’s only logical.

Imagine how different your day would be if you made the effort to feel joy first thing!

What does a Sacred Morning look like?

Maybe the best part of a Sacred Morning is that you have the opportunity to make your bed your temple. God, how delicious. I like to layer my bed up with cozy pink and grey sheets and then cover it all with a psychedelic bedspread (this one from Aelfie is my current favourite), but it’s up to you. Want to surround your bed with crystals (or even glue them onto your headboard)? DO IT! Want a pink faux sheepskin on the floor next to the bed so you squish your toes into something lovely when you finally rise and shine? MAKE IT HAPPEN! Want to layer your bedding with a scrumptious throw? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITIN’ FOR?!

Now that you’ve set the scene, here’s how it works.

A Sacred Morning is one that feels good. When we go to sleep, all the momentum from the previous day — which, ideally, was a day where we focussed on what we want, appreciated what we already have, and lived firmly and delightfully in the present — dissipates. So when we wake up, we need to get back on that train: the train of joy and excitement. The goal of a Sacred Morning is to juice yourself up and raise your vibration. The only rules are that a) it has to feel good, and b) it should be focussed on you (and not on other people). This means that scrolling through Instagram at other people’s lives first thing in the morning is not part of the practice!

My mornings are different every time… Because fuck the rules, and fuck the conditions! What feels good this morning will feel like a drag tomorrow. Give yourself the gift of flexibility, exercise your spontaneity muscles, test out your intuition. Free yourself up.

Want ideas? You might like to try…

Meditating! You could just close your eyes for five minutes and visualise all the things you’re thankful for. You could do the Creation Space meditation with Danielle LaPorte. You could chill with Abraham Hicks, or Louise Hay, or blow your mind with Jessica Snow. You could queue up some rain or ocean sounds and bliss out. There are so many ways to make this feel great, and it is such a beautiful way to bring yourself into alignment with yourself.

 Singing! Put on your favourite album and raise your voice. Chant along to something that makes you feel empowered and sparkly.

 Working out! Go to a Pilates class. Jump up and down. Dance like a wild thing (doing this video will absolutely rock your morning). The great thing about moving first thing in the morning is that it throws your energy level up to a thousand, and keeps your mood elevated all day long. Who doesn’t want that?!

 Stretch! Do bed yoga with Tara Stiles, or unroll a yoga mat in your living room and crawl onto it to stretch out all your tight muscles. You could watch Yogaglo or just do what feels good in the moment.

 Journalling! You don’t have to use a pen and paper if that feels arduous. Go for the path of least resistance! I type all my thoughts because it’s so much faster and I can get more down in a shorter amount of time. Remove all the obstacles that stop you from wanting to do this, because it’s a fantastic way of processing your feelings, clearing out stale emotions, and working through the things in your life.

 Gratitude! My mermaid Alexandra Roxo and I have just started this as part of our morning practice: we make voice memos and text them through to each other. It’s so good to get deliberately juicy and share it, and then listen to what’s good in her life! You can also write your gratitude, yell it aloud in the shower, tell it to your dog, call your mother and share it, or write it on a note and put it in your beloved’s pocket.

 Self-pleasure! I mean… I probably don’t have to extoll the virtues of this practice to you. But I’d like to mention a few things to amp it up. For example… Chakrubs. (I have a rose quartz one, OBVS.) You could add in a yoni egg practice. You could lose yourself in the ecstasy of a Jimmyjane vibrator (the Form 2 is my pick and I cannot be without it). And if you REALLY want to ascend to the next level… Visualise what you want at the moment of orgasm and beam it out into the universe. This is sex magic, and it’s rad as shit. MEOW!

Sounds good, right? Get into it!

Love and magical mornings,