Seeking: Videographer & Photographer In New York City!

Attention! I am seeking a videographer & a photographer — preferably one person with both skills! — in New York City! (Though, if you only do one or the other, get in touch anyway!)

I’ll need you for one day a week, & this could increase with time. This is a paid gig. The work will range from filming interviews to shooting outfits, coming to events & plenty of creative collaborations!

I’m looking for someone who loves colour & understands what I’m all about! Experience isn’t so important to me, but a great eye is. I’m fun to work with, but I’m also a whip-cracker; I will expect you to show up on time & be able to turn things around quickly!

Is this you? If so, email me with a link to your work & a brief bio! If I’ve just described your best friend, please forward this on to her or him!

Thanks so much! I’m so excited to work together!