Send Radical Self Love Stickers To Your Best Friends!

We could all use a little more kindness. A little more sweetness. A little more hope, a little more colour. If anything, the events of this recent week have reminded me how much we need to BE A RAINBOW, provide love, provide support, both to our closest friends and family, and to any stranger who needs it. (For more on this, you can read about my experiences at a protest this weekend right here.)

I love text messages as a way of communicating a delicious little something to our favourite people. That’s why I was so excited when iOS 10 released stickers — fun, small images that you could use to pepper your text messages with love and light.

And that’s why we created Radical Self Love Stickers!

I teamed up with one of my favourite illustrators, Emily Faulstich, to make 68 adorable radical self love-themed stickers that you can send to all your best friends!


As much as I love words… It’s so much more fun to add colour to your messages! Stickers are rad because you can drag and drop the stickers anywhere, double, triple, or quadruple ’em up, and go really WILD!


One of my favourite stickers says “Things I Love…” I like to use it to kick off a mini gratitude fest with my friends. It’s the best way to pull us both out of a slump simultaneously!


In addition to little drawings, there are lots of phrases I came up with that you can send through when your best babe needs a little encouragement, a push to take a risk, or just to be reminded that Liberace is everything.

There are so many fun ways to use them. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think this is exactly the sort of boost we could all use right now.


Radical Self Love Stickers are only 99 cents and they’re available in the App Store right now. I am crazy about them and I hope that you enjoy sending them to all your favourite people!

Love and stickers,

P.S. We only have ten spaces left for the second Radical Self Love Temple in Marrakech in March. If you want to join us, please make sure you email Audrey about it today!