Shaved-Back Hairline

In response to my article What Are Your Style Trademarks?, I had a few people ask for photographic evidence of my shaved-back hairline.

It took me a while to find photographs, & I’m sorry they’re so little & rubbish. But here you go:

My friend Davide & I (I think before we went to Ani Difranco)

That’s how I looked three years ago! I basically shaved my hairline back about three or four centimetres. I don’t know why I did it, I just grabbed a razor & went to town on myself! I think it looks mildly cute, in a lost-hardcore-vegan kinda way. At the time I had just stopped eating animal products, had 0g ears & was obsessed with wearing my pearl choker & a plastic gun around my neck. Haha. Awww.