Size Vanity

So many people are desperate to slim down. They will do anything to fit into a smaller size of clothing, including take diet pills, starve themselves, take laxatives, or deny themselves sustenance. All in the hope that they will become smaller, crawling their way down the sizes. People get upset over buying a bigger size, or when companies call their small “medium”.

Size doesn’t mean anything. Being an 0, an 8 or an 18 is irrelevant — especially in this day & age, where so many companies assign “sizes” based on vanity & consumer feedback. Regardless, the number on the clothing you wear doesn’t say anything about you. Being small doesn’t mean you’re healthy, & being large doesn’t mean you’re lazy. Or the opposite.

Why would you base your self-worth on what multinational companies tell you, anyway?

What really matters is how you feel in your body. How happy you are, how active you are, how much pleasure you feel when you go out dressed up. How accepting you are of yourself. Having twig-like legs or a bigger booty doesn’t change who you are.

Learning to love the way you look — & the way you are — is an incredible short cut to happiness, & is worth spending some time on! Start today, okay?