In honour of the fact that today I smoked a cigarette, then threw up & went back to bed for several hours (I am a winner!), here are some nice sleepytime things.

Mary Green embroidered sleep mask from Amazon. For those Breakfast At Tiffany’s moments. (You know, I still haven’t seen that movie.)

Peter Alexander marie stripe wide pyjama pants. These are so lovely. I adore the shape (wide-leg anything has my undying affection forever), the light pink stripes & the ribbon around the waist! $45 AU. The website says they are sold out but I have faith (& also, a Peter Alexander store across the road).

Peter Alexander cotton/cashmere layered nightie. I have never seen such stylish sleepwear in my life. How fantastic is this?! I would wear it all the time, not just to bed. It will be mine, oh yes… it will be mine.

Another Mary Green sleepmask, this one eerily similar to the one Carrie (of SATC) wore. I don’t know if it’s the same company, but does it matter? No. (Is there something weird about this photo? It makes me feel uncomfortable.)

Tocca candle in Grace: “Tocca Grace Candle is the pure essence of the Casablanca Lily, the Roman symbol of hope. An exhilaratingly fresh scent captured from the fragrant blossom of the queen of flowers.” (Your bedroom should always smell fantastic.)

Japanese geisha poplin sleepshirt & Sweet Dreams shorts made by The Cat’s Pyjamas. I think these are very cute. You can basically choose between a sleepshirt, full set of pyjamas or shorts in any fabric you like — they have one in sushi print, among other interesting stuff.

Alternatively, you can always creep the shit out of anyone who sees you in your Bigfeet pyjamas. Aieeeeeee. I like the idea, but it just reeks of adult-baby fetishism to me. Sorry.

Extra For Experts:
Natori make absolutely beautiful sleepwear but for some incredibly short-sighted reason, they don’t sell online. Looks like you’re only able to pick it up in NYC.