Is Social Media Dead? What Do We Do Now?

We are undoubtedly living through some of the strangest times, and the internet has not been left unscathed. RIP Tumblr, once a place where freedom of speech was lauded, now all tied up thanks to the government, and, you guessed it, advertising revenue. People are leaving Facebook in droves. Instagram has an insane new “sexual solicitation policy” which prohibits anything mildly racy. (Bad news for anyone who works in sexuality, or — gasp — likes to share scantily-clad photos.) And what even is Twitter these days?! When Twitter is how the pumpkin in chief chooses to communicate, you know it’s o-v-e-r!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what will happen when social media dries up for good, so I sat down and recorded a quick (13 minute) podcast for you. My secret hope? The return of personal websites!

What do you think? Will there be a return to blogging and online journaling? LAWD I hope so!