Sofa Coppola’s Apartment

Sofia Coppola’s apartment in Soho, New York City.

Regrettably, I have no idea where these photographs came from. All I have to go on is this small quote:

“Instead of doing the loft thing,” says Coppola, “and just sprinkling around a bunch of modern furniture, I wanted to decorate my place with pieces that looked grown up like what our parents might have owned.”

What do you think of the style? I think it’s lovely but a little bit too pared down. I like the casual air of having framed pictures along a shelf, I love the low couch & the soft colours.

The second picture is interesting. I ADORE the table — the shape, the wood, everything. The zebra-skin rug makes me wrinkle my nose, though, & the painting looks juvenile at best. It really looks like the whole place has been “cleaned up” for the cameras, which I guess they always do, but I like to see REAL living spaces — with an old newspaper & a laptop & a big stack of reading on the couch.

I guess expected something a little more ethereal from the director of movies such as The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette & Lost In Translation, but maybe she prefers a more earthy existence the rest of the time.