Spring Uniforms

Sometimes when the weather heats up, I get overwhelmed with the contents of my closet (or suitcase!). When that happens, it can help to come up with a few outfits that I can adapt a little bit as necessary, but that basically serve one purpose. I call them “Spring Uniforms” — ensembles that are easy to put together & comfortable to wear, & get me over that initial hump of warm weather mania!

Here are some fabulous imaginary Spring Uniforms, thanks to Polyvore.

Spring uniform

Shopping Uniform
When it comes to doing a big shop for the new season, the less clothing you wear the better. All the better to slip in & out of, my dear! One simple accessory (the bangle), versatile shoes, a non-burdensome handbag & a pair of sunglasses have you totally sorted.

Spring uniform

Picnic Uniform
While white might be a little inappropriate for a grass-related event, as long as you have a picnic blanket, you should be okay! Cobalt blue accessories & a fringed bag make for exciting accoutrements, & an apple & a stack of books mean you don’t need anyone else in order to have a great time!

Spring uniform

Gallery Uniform
I always want to go to hundreds of galleries & openings in Spring. This is my ideal outfit for schlepping my ways around the halls of hallowed museums & galleries. High heels, a flared skirt, a colourful t-shirt & some sparkly accessories. It shows that you have style while at the same time not taking yourself too seriously. Woohoo!

Spring uniform

Charm Uniform
To me, New York City is about making new friends & lots of connections. (It’s been a lot of fun so far!) This is a super outfit for going into cafes, meeting people for lunch & charming the pants off anyone who takes your fancy! Flat sandals are conducive to walking, sunglasses prevent you from squinting into the sun, & chunky bangles make sweet clinking noises when you write down your phone number with a flourish!

Do you ever devise uniforms for the seasons? If so, what do they look like?


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