Street Style

My roving eye plucks the cutest things from Hel Looks & Flickr’s wardrobe remix group.

I love, love, LOVE this girl’s outfit. I don’t think it is the sort of thing I would ever wear — it just wouldn’t even occur to me — but I think she looks amazing. I adore the bright salmon pink extensions snaking out of her hair & the fact that they match her shaggy faux fur cuffs. She has such a fierce look, all that black eyeliner, but the huge soft-looking scarf around her neck combats what would otherwise be a quite severe look. So great!

Mary-Kate has received a bit of flack for this outfit but I think she looks wonderful. Yes, her makeup is a little severe, but it’s not like she’s Reese Witherspoon. She is edgy, crazy, a bit weird — she would be betraying herself if she didn’t look this overdone. I love the way that she dresses like an old lady, even here in her Prada turban you can see it shining through. Adorable. (Turban love, too.)

Chmurka puts together red white & black with panache! Count the patterns: black/white striped hat, red/black striped scarf, floral-print red skirt & black/white polka-dot boots… but somehow, it all works. I suspect the white-framed sunglasses have something to do with it. I would definitely turn around to re-examine her outfit if she walked past me on the street.

Midori Usagi demonstrates layering at its best. There is so much going on here, but by keeping it mostly neutral with some bright splashes, it works wonderfully. She is wearing at least 10 pieces of clothing. Bravo.

The coat really makes this outfit, which was put together & modelled by Raise_Cain. If you needed proof that your winter coat choice matters, this is it. I love the bag & the slightly unkempt hair, it makes the whole look so interesting.

Snailwing knows she looks good! I am perpetually impressed by anyone who can match their luggage to their outfit. I love the little grey fitted jacket, it totally pulls everything together & is topped off perfectly by the red beret! Wow!

Duckrabbit does amazing things with yellow & houndstooth. Once solely the domain of little old ladies, this stylish madame looks super-modern & fabulous. How could you not notice her on the street?!

This amazing coat came from The site is a little tough to navigate, but the coat is brilliant & blows my mind.