Stuck In A Winter Rut? Try These Ideas For Living Out Loud!

When it starts to cool down outside, the temptation to stay indoors and sink into a rut can be overwhelming. A cursory glance outside the window would seem to tell you that you’re missing nothing… But appearances can be deceiving. Winter doesn’t have to be a bore. In fact, there’s PLENTY to do!

You might remember that during the summer, I got a little team together to participate in The Color Run™. It was awesome: exhilarating, good vibe-infused, messy, and marvellous. SHOUT® was perfectly partnered with The Color Run, because the whole idea of the event is to have fun getting messy!

After the event, they invited some of the participants to share how they live out loud on an everyday basis…



Kurt’s story is so beautiful. I can’t think of anything more liberating than becoming who you really are! It’s the ultimate surrender, and takes a whole lot of courage. Kurt, you’re an inspiration!



So cute. I loved all their ideas for living out loud, and it got me thinking about the ways I live out loud in winter!

Stuck In A Winter Rut? Try These Ideas For Living Out Loud!


Even though I feel the urge to bundle up and hide from the elements, I make an effort to stay as active as possible. I make a point of going to the gym five times a week — even if I have to trek through snow to get there — because the payoff is always worth it! I dance around the house to my favourite songs of the moment, I do yoga in the evenings, and I take candlelit baths which I load up with lavender-scented Epsom salts. Few things are as relaxing or serene.

I wear bright lipstick, colourful underwear, and I even use tanning towels to keep my optimism levels up! I give myself little at-home facials (using a Lush toning tab, Exfolikate, and some good serums), get eyelash extensions, and apply more blue dye to the light portions of my hair. Glowing skin and colourful hair is always a mood booster!

I fill my brain up with new inspiration! I believe that the winter prepares us for the following months, so whatever you do in winter will have a profound impact upon the next spring and summer. I read biographies, watch bizarre documentaries to keep my mind open, meditate, and find new blogs to read. I also make a point of unfollowing the people and blogs that are no longer inspiring to me. It’s good to make room for the new!

So, how about you? Here are some ideas…

Paint your hallway rainbow Spend a weekend making a zine with your BFF Go and see a band play Decoupage your headboard Bake something delicious Make a vision board that inspires the hell out of you! Get a glitter manicure Dye your hair your favourite colour Learn how to make the perfect hot chocolate!

Here’s to making this winter all it can be! Don’t forget to share the videos and tell me how you live life out loud on Facebook.

With love,

Photos by Chellise Michael. This post was made possible by SHOUT®.