Style By The Stars: What’s Your Astrological Aesthetic?

20 January – 18 February

Outfits By The Stars

Aquarians are true eccentrics — it’s almost impossible to peg them down, except to say that they are all wildly different! They love to shock & they go out of their way to make a statement & an entrance. Every Aquarius has a favourite, secret vintage shop, or undying devotion to some bizarre new enfant terrible designer. Aquarians adore bright colours & plastic; there is probably a high percentage of them in your local rave scene!

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19 February – 20 March

Outfits By The Stars

Pisces are shoe-mad & likely to have an amazing collection of avant-garde footwear stashed under the bed. With their dreamy aesthetic, they can find it exceptionally difficult to get dressed for work. Female Pisceans prefer dresses & skirts to trousers, & their vivid imagination often has them yearning to dress in period costume or to imitate the look of someone in a movie. Their shopping style is intuitive & things just seem to work. They adore blue, silk, chiffon & tulle!

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21 March – 19 April

Outfits By The Stars

Aries are driven, no-nonsense people, & they dress in a way that reflects that. Your typical Aries woman prefers pants to skirts or dresses, & rarely wears heels because, well, they just slow her down! Aries love fashion & are often at the front of trends, but they stay away from anything too frilly or feminine. It’s common for people born under Aries to have an obsession with the colour red, & you’ll often see it around them, in their accessories, lipstick, car or gadgets. (My mother is an Aries & her glasses, lips & cellphone are all red!)

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20 April – 21 May

Outfits By The Stars

Taureans are the earthiest of the earth signs, & so natural colours (like dark green & brown) easily make their way into the Taurus’ wardrobe. While they love a good bargain, they are also capable of spending enough money to put the King Of Pop to shame. They either look uber-luxe or they dress down on purpose — Taureans don’t like other people knowing their business! They are drawn to soft, tactile fabrics like velvet, wool & silk, & can often be found swaddled, blissed out in a corner. They also like to draw attention to their throats by wearing chokers, necklaces or scarves.

For more information, see How To Spot A Taurus.

22 May – 23 June

Outfits By The Stars

Geminis like to keep up with what’s going on in the world of fashion. They’re always the girls who have hundreds of fashion blogs in their RSS reader, & they probably have a few magazine subscriptions, too. It’s usual for Geminis to have a couple of different looks that they switch between, to avoid boring themselves — one might be elegant & one might be a little slouchier, or one look is quite feminine while the other is more androgynous. Geminis love silver jewellery & cool, light colours — light pink, icy blue & canary yellow are all favourites.

For more information, see How To Spot A Gemini.

23 June – 22 July

Outfits By The Stars

Cancerians think sentimentally about clothing, & will keep dresses that they consider lucky or a coat that they had a great night out in 15 years ago. They love to mix & match their emotionally-laden pieces with newer things. They’re also mad keen on vintage, & love the thrill of reworking old clothes to make them look fresh. Cancer girls, whether well-endowed or not, love to show off their heaving bosom! They will often subconsciously go for low-cut tops without even really thinking about it. (This also makes them one of the most popular signs of the zodiac, especially at parties!)

For more information, see How To Spot A Cancer.

23 July – 22 August

Outfits By The Stars

Leo women love to toss their mane & get noticed! They rarely dress down & thrive on being the most exciting dresser in the room. Your average Leo’s (ha! Who am I kidding? There’s no such thing!) wardrobe is stuffed to the brim with sequins, silks, animal prints & fur (real as well as faux). They love sensual, tactile fabrics. Some of a Leo’s other favourite things include designer labels, hats, the colours gold & purple & standing out from the crowd. Their idea of hell is turning up to an exclusive soiree in the same dress as someone else — or wearing a uniform!

For more information, see How To Spot A Leo.

23 August – 22 September

Outfits By The Stars

Virgos are the organisers of the zodiac, & so it’s rare that they will just go on a random shopping spree & come home with a sequence of unrelated garments. No way. They’ll have a list (if not on paper, then definitely in their heads) & they will not rest until they find this or that elusive piece! Virgos have an eye for detail & so for them, it’s all about accessories. They love detailed prints, unusual stockings & jewellery, & are likely to have a fabulous collection of hats & scarves. Their clothing always fits them impeccably (they are probably best friends with their tailor) & their motto is “quality, not quantity”.

For more information, see How To Spot A Virgo.

23 September – 22 October

Outfits By The Stars

Libran women are some of the most feminine in the zodiac. They love floral perfumes, dresses & heels — feeling & looking like a woman are of utmost importance to them. As die-hard romantics, a date or a new boyfriend are two of their favourite reasons to go shopping! They were also (in an informal poll) voted “most likely to dress to please their partner”. Librans dig balance, too, so they love to play up interesting proportions & colour combinations.

For more information, see How To Spot A Libra.

23 October – 21 November

Outfits By The Stars

Scorpios are sultry sirens, & for them, clothing is about sex appeal, power & control. They often have a penchant for mind-blowing lingerie, which they wear under everything to boost their self-confidence. Your favourite goth is probably a Scorpio, as they have a few of the same interests — an obsession with the colour black, for instance, as well as a huge collection of boots & semi-fetish wear. (Scorpios adore corsets, fishnet & PVC.) They also spend a small fortune on maintenance, & they’re always waxed with great hair.

For more information, see How To Spot A Scorpio.

22 November – 21 December

Outfits By The Stars

Sagittarians can never stand still & this is reflected in what they wear. Most Sagittarians are obsessive globe-trotters, & they love to wear trinkets & totems from their travels. Depending on the Sag, this can range from strutting around the house in a kimono to just wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Santa Monica’! They’re pretty earthy, too, & as well as loving comfort, they like to buy things that last. Natural fibres make them smile, & they’re likely to own an old leather jacket & a pair of great boots that they wear with everything.

For more information, see How To Spot A Sagittarius.

23 December – 19 January

Outfits By The Stars

Capricorns are often workaholics, & so they dress to fit with that. For them, work isn’t just a place they go, it’s an extension of them, & something laden with meaning. It’s not just corporate Capricorns either — the more arty Caps dress for their profession too. Regardless, they like to have the best. Their Louis Vuitton bag would never be a replica. Some of the Capricorn woman’s favourite things include classic tailoring, showing off their great legs, pinstripes & dressing down on the weekend.

For more information, see How To Spot A Capricorn.


How accurate do you think these descriptions are? I think the Virgo stylescope is on the money, & I can definitely draw parallels between what I’ve read & how some of my friends dress — especially the Scorpios & Sagittarius’s! What do you think?

Oh, & as much as I wish I was a fabulous astrologer, I’m just not! These astrological style-scopes were compiled with the thanks & help of the following sites, which I highly recommend!

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