Style Direction 2012: Day Tripping Darling!

Style Direction 2012: Day Tripping Darling!

Every year (or thereabouts) I write up a little style direction piece for myself. It helps me to get really clear on my aesthetic & how I want to dress. In fact, I bookmark my style direction articles on my phone so that when I’m out & about, I can revisit them! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed & confused when you walk into a store, so getting really clear on what you want to wear & how you want to look can be a total godsend!

With my new inky black locks, I’m totally ready for a different look & a few changes! Here’s where I’m heading this year…

Day Tripping Darling is a progression from Gossip Girl On Acid & Psychedelic Ladies Who Lunch. It’s a look that takes the best from the past & mixes it with the crème de la crème of the present.

Day Tripping Darling is a violent & vibrant mingling for a thoroughly modern minx. Inspired by the recent collections shown by Betsey Johnson & Kate Spade, Day Tripping Darling is a celebration of eccentric girls. We’re not afraid to jumble up prints or wear pink with orange, & we firmly believe that the higher the heel, the closer to god. We are ladies with punk rock hearts.

Colours are bright & punchy, anchored by classic black & white. Hot, hot pink, day-glo orange, sunshine yellow, amethyst purple, emerald green & peacock blue all dance the Charleston on this stage. Patterns boldly rub shoulders: stripes, polka-dots, leopard, florals & brocades. We pair purple & green, paisley with stripes, & wear popping pink lip gloss.

Day Tripping Darling is not shy or coy — it is big & brash. Pastel colours have no place here, this is not a nursery! We wear huge striped sun-hats & oversized sunglasses; our shoes leave a trail of glitter in our wake…

Texture is big big big. (Always!) Wear an ostrich feather skirt with a simple cotton t-shirt & a leather motorcycle jacket. Mix sequins & candy-coloured patent leather. Pair a rough-cut citrine crystal necklace with an orange neoprene skirt. Do something unexpected, be a surprise!

Stock up on belts: skinny, thick, patent leather, bows, & crystal-studded. The focus is still on the waist, but skirt-lengths have shortened from the 1950’s mid-calf to the 1960’s mini. You don’t have to go ultra-short if you’d prefer not to show off your gams, but keep it above the knee. (Anything is more flattering than a mid-calf length skirt!) If you buy a dress from the 50s, take it to a tailor & have them hem it to just above the knee. I promise it will look so much more cute, not to mention modern!

To really embrace the 60s mod look, cut a blunt bang/fringe & flat-iron your hair. Use a good highlighter underneath your eyebrow, & open up your eye by using a flesh-coloured pencil along your waterline. Don’t forget a pair of fabulous false lashes! These retro 60s & Raquel Welch-esque make-up tutorials are gorgeous, too!

Details, of course, are of utmost importance. Paint your nails with holographic glitter or black & white stripes. Get your hands on a brightly-coloured handbag to cart around your essentials — Kate Spade, Cambridge Satchel Company & Zatchels have wonderful options. (I would go so far as to say that the Kate Spade New Bond Street Florence is the statement bag of this look!)

We’re never stodgy or old-fashioned. Though we may be wearing vintage dresses, we carry iPads in our candy pink satchels. We wear glittery sneakers to the gym, & get high-tech Japanese manicures. We talk with our hands & support independent designers. We’re never afraid to be different. We lead the pack, we don’t follow it!

Style Direction 2012: Day Tripping Darling!

Day Tripping Darling essentials

LOTS of animal-print (every girl should own a leopard-print coat).

A bare head is akin to sacrilege — back-comb your hair, wear a hat, add a crown of stars or a huge bow. Something, ANYTHING! Scour Etsy for fantastic hats from the 1960s, there are some absolute gems to be found. My new favourite thing to wear on my head — also via Etsy — is a pair of Swarovski crystal-encrusted mouse ears. Love!

Go through your lingerie drawer & throw away any bras or knickers that don’t fit, don’t support you properly or are raggedy & uncute. Make a resolution to only buy underwear which fits you & makes you happy! Think of your lingerie as the essential foundation for your clothing. Seriously, you could be wearing an Herve Leger bandage dress, but if your underwear doesn’t fit, you’re going to look like a sack of potatoes. Anything that pinches or gives you unfortunate lines beneath your clothing is a definite no-no! If you have no idea where to start, Cosabella thongs are fab & Victoria’s Secret yoga knickers are excellent too.

A mix of shoes which are both practical & decadent. My everyday shoes are still my Frye motorcycle boots, but I love to switch it up & don a pair of purple pumps, sparkly ankle boots or crystal-covered platforms.

Chunky — & slightly weird — statement necklaces. One of my favourites is a cluster of candy-coloured skulls by Vivienne Westwood; the other is a bundle of oversized gold, bronze & silver stars from Topshop. Wear ’em short, so they rest on the collar of your t-shirt. Gorge!

A steady hand for major cat’s eye realness! I used to be a devotee of MAC Fluidline & an angled brush, but my new favourite is L’Oreal Lineur Intense in carbon black. It has a felt-tip end which makes adding a little flourish to your eyeliner super-simple!

Stockings, tights & socks in every possible incarnation. They’re such an easy way to add some interest or a splash of colour to your outfit. I’m flying to Las Vegas right now & I have short socks covered in kiss prints, polka-dot anklets & long black over-the-knee socks all packed in my suitcase, because I know I’m going to need ’em! I’ve had great luck buying fun socks & stockings at DSW — they’re always on sale & great value.

Fun separates. Look for brightly-coloured miniskirts, t-shirts with cute designs & blouses covered in wild patterns. Kate Spade have some super-cute t-shirts right now, & I always love browsing ASOS for well-made & inexpensive options. I especially like this tank covered in square sequins, this orange lace tank, this cheetah-print peplum top & this green neoprene top! Any of these paired with a colourful mini would make for a really sweet look!

Style Direction 2012: Day Tripping Darling!

Style Direction 2012: Day Tripping Darling!

Style Direction 2012: Day Tripping Darling!

Style Direction 2012: Day Tripping Darling!

Style Direction 2012: Day Tripping Darling!

Turn on, tune in, drop out…What are you wearing this season?

Love & psychedelic colours,