Style Direction 2018: Fetish Femme

My look is always evolving — as yours should be, too. You are not the same person you were six months ago (and thank god for that!), and so it’s important to move your look forward too. Periodically, I love to write Style Direction posts about where my aesthetic is pointed. It’s a great time capsule as well as a good exercise to help me mentally refine a look. Plus, it’s fun!

I’m excited to say that my latest style direction is very different from the last, which was Stepford Witch. (Holy shit, that was three years ago!) So let’s jump into it!

💕 Fetish Femme 💕


It began where so many things do… RuPaul’s Drag Race! My first inspiration for this look began with drag queen Kimora Blac. When she popped on screen and declared “Kimora Blac is everyone’s sexual preference,” I was instantly in love with her. Her outfits blew my mind: they are all about B-O-D-Y, with a preference for tight bodysuits with a lot of sparkle. I just love her looks. And as I watched her short run on Drag Race, and then observe her style continue to unfold on Instagram, my thinking started to move from, ‘I wish I could dress like that!’ to ‘Why couldn’t I dress like that?!’

Kimora ignited a spark in my mind… And then the fire got hotter and hotter as I discovered new people.

Next inspiration: Keyshia Ka’oir, newly-minted wife of Gucci Mane. I loved how she was playing with her appearance in such a mischievous way — like her look on the night she got engaged! — and the more I watched her, the more my own confidence grew. ‘I can do that!’ I thought.

New belief: if you’re not wearing a nude crystal catsuit, you’re doing it wrong!

I have been heavily influenced by Nicki Minaj lately. I love Nicki, she’s such a quintessential Sagittarius, and she always looks like she’s having a good time. I’m a Sagittarius Moon and Rising, so this vibe totally appeals to me.


Then we have Creepy Yeha. I’ve been following her for years but somehow never made the mental leap that I could own those pieces and wear them in my real life! Her mix of pastel colours with leather, severe hardware, and waist-cinchers is everything I’ve ever dreamed about.

An honorary mention goes out to the Clermont Twins, too. Because, I mean… Yes. YES. I never wanted a twin until now.

So, to be fair, I have always loved anything that is stylistically over-the-top, but I can’t help but think that wearing a catsuit in public is like graduating to a whole new level. There is nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide. And owning that feels powerful as fuck.

In some ways, this look is proof of how far I’ve come. Twelve years ago, I was in the grips of an eating disorder that reduced me to tears every single day. I couldn’t show my bare legs in public. I wore jeans with skirts over the top and hoodies over that, and then really big sunglasses and lots of oversized accessories to try to make the rest of me look smaller.


The difference between hating your body and feeling proud of it is so massive. For those of you in recovery, I salute you. And it is possible. And maybe one day we’ll both be wearing mesh catsuits with our butts hanging out and we’ll hug joyfully because our bodies are such special, amazing and precious things and we see it in each others’ eyes! We finally realised it!!!

That’s my dream.

Okay, back to Fetish Femme.

One of the reasons why I love this look is because it is a full on BODY WORSHIP situation.

“Working out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body. Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead.” — Rick Owens

This is one of my favourite all-time quotes. Yes mama. Loving my body means taking care of it. Not exercising until I want to die and restricting my eating, but also not sitting on the couch and eating ice-cream every day. Not green juicing and constantly cleansing, but also not thinking I can eat absolutely anything and that it will have no effect. Both extremes are equally fucked up.

I love this quote because I’ve tried the opposite: feeling uncomfortable in my body and buying more and more clothes to try and cover it up. Here’s a spoiler: that doesn’t work. Literally nothing feels as good as taking care of my body, e.g. eating enough food, taking care of my skin, doing Bad Witch Workout, making going to the gym my lifestyle, getting enough sleep, meditating, stretching, and really being in my body! So when I am on top of my shiz, getting dressed becomes an extension of that, and even more joyous.

And to be real, this look cannot even be attempted if you’re not in the vortex.[1]

All of these ideas feed one another. Get into the vortex first. Then get dressed. Then use the inspiration from feeling good to look after your body! Delicious.

Okay. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. What am I actually wearing? How does it look?

Top row: A J.Crew faux fur, little buns, and insane sunglasses. A bodysuit, vinyl skirt with a zip up the back, and rhinestone-covered fishnets. A metallic silver bodysuit, vinyl pants, crystal boots, and a lime green faux fur with a blue wig. Short pink and blue faux fur, black leggings, and over-the-knee boots.

Second row: Same black bodysuit from above plus metallic leggings. A matched pyjama-print shirt and pants worn with a turban and a black version of the sunglasses from above. Red leopard-print bodysuit with leggings and over-the-knee boots. A matched set that I cannot get enough of.

Bottom row: My look for new year’s eve — a fully bedazzled nude mesh catsuit. A pink and blue-striped faux fur with a t-shirt that says “OVERDRESSED”, leggings and ankle boots. Shauna’s coat plus leggings and crystal boots. Red leopard-print bodysuit and a pink wig, braided to the side.

What are the essential elements of the Fetish Femme aesthetic?

FAUX FUR COATS Let it be known: there is no such thing as too many faux fur coats. Even in my apartment where hanging space is at an absolute premium, I make it work! You can add a faux fur to the most simple outfit and immediately upgrade it. My favourite faux furs right now are a hot pink one from J.Crew (last year), pink and navy blue stripes, neon lime green, and this delicious multicoloured sensation. I like most of my faux furs to hit at mid-thigh or the knee. If I wear a cropped one, I balance it out with fitted clothing on the bottom (I normally go for glossy leggings and over-the-knee boots). Proportion is everything!

BODYSUITS And baby, you are in luck because everyone has bodysuits right now. Bodysuits are great because they provide a sleek base for everything else. There are no gaps, no riding up, and they make a perfect bottom layer. Forever 21 literally has every bodysuit you could ever imagine, and a lot of them are thong-style or seamless which makes them completely undetectable under tight layers. (Visible panty lines are the enemy!)

LINGERIE AS OUTERWEAR This is an essential piece of the puzzle. I recently picked up this lace bodysuit which is so sexy in a not-totally-over-the-top way, and my new favourite thing is this see-through lace dress which I cannot wait to wear with some killer Agent Provocateur lingerie underneath. And then, of course, we have Creepy Yeha. This is all perfectly timed: did you see Moschino’s latest show? I am dying for it be summer so I can go mad with all these things!

FITTED JUMPSUITS My shit! Yes, tight ones covered in crystals meant to be worn at night, but also comfortable ones. As I write these words, I’m wearing this and I feel amazing. I love fitted jumpsuits because they’re an outfit all on their own! Just throw a faux fur over the top, add boots, and you’re good to go. You can even wear your Uniqlo Heat Tech underneath — this is literally how I survive NYC winters — and no one will know! This one is sweet too. Wear it with Nikes or heels and you’re good to go.

TRACKSUITS Like it’s the early 2000s again. Did you know that Forever 21 is selling Juicy Couture now? It’s true. And sites like Fashion Nova and Dollskill have lots of velour options. I even have a Barbie one from Missguided! It’s cute. Wearing a tracksuit that matches — especially when your hair and face are *tongue-pop* — looks ace. Plus, let’s be real: I spend a lot of time at the gym, and it’s cold as hell in NYC right now. When I throw a cute tracksuit over my leggings and sports bra, I’m good to go.

MATCHED SETS I just want to wear things that go together. Just browse the ‘co-ords’ section of any of your favourite fashion sites and you’ll discover all kinds of stuff. Seriously, it is glorious.

LEGGINGS …But not plain black cotton ones. I’ve been wearing BlackMilk New Slicks which are like latex pants but without the required amount of care and attention. I also have some high-shine black nylon ones (I think from Forever 21) which are high-waisted and literally go with everything. I love them! I’m a sucker for sequin or metallic leggings right now.

TEXTURE Combining different textures — faux fur, glitter, crystals, PVC or latex — is what makes this look really fun. Adding jewelled septum rings, rhinestone fishnets and crystal-covered boots into the mix is just a bonus.

OSTENTATIOUS EYEWEAR Sunglasses have never been more fun than they are right now. I recommend buying yourself an eyewear rack — like they have on counters in boutiques — if you own a lot of glasses. It’s the best option for those of us who are totally mad on the subject.

OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS I have a pair of black suede over-the-knee boots with a little (3.5″) heel — these ones — that I wear constantly. They’re a copy of the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots, but, you know… $700 cheaper. And they’re comfortable, flattering, and so durable! Mine have taken a beating and they still look perfect. You need them. Okay?

A PLETHORA OF TECHNICOLOUR WIGS I cannot get enough of wigs right now. They help me transform my look in an instant, it means I don’t have to wash my hair as often, AND! Do you know how warm a synthetic wig is?! It’s better than a fur hat! OMG. People ask me where I get my wigs all the time, and I’ve bought 100% of them on Amazon. Grey with dark roots, long and blonde, long and blue, etc. That brand (linked) is really excellent and I haven’t had a dud wig yet!

So happy with my daily looks right now. I’m flying to Australia and New Zealand in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to do this style in hot weather! Meow!


[1] I am so excited about this getting dressed in the vortex concept that I even made it into a hashtag (which you’re welcome to post on when you, too, get dressed in the vortex)! Let me know if you’d like me to write more about how to do this. It is really giving me LIFE on an everyday basis.