Style Inspiration July 2009

Style Inspirations
Style Inspirations

Style is not just what you wear. It’s what you do & how you do it.

I’m currently being inspired by… Pink & white roses, crystals, taxidermy, patterned wallpaper, bold square eyeglasses, big sparkly hearts, feathers, sequinned dresses, breakfast dates, neon eye-makeup, platform ankle boots, ruffles, sigils, Betsey Johnson dresses, amethyst pink, metal flake, skull rings on tattooed fingers, false eyelashes, long bare legs, flirtatious skirts, waking up in the sunlight, patent leather boots, floral everything, push-up bras, fireflies, witches, T.O.P.Y., turquoise knickers, glittery eyes, headdresses, gypsy caravans, torn clothing, wolf girls, tinted lipgloss, hard work, vintage motorcycles, thigh high stockings, wide-eyed wonder, loving everyone, kissing, white bunnies, day-glo mandalas, dresses which look like flowers, hypercolour, milkshakes, wigpees, mixtapes, magic & metaphysics, bedtime portraits.

This has resulted in… Wearing dresses almost 24/7, smelling like chocolate perfume & cocoa butter, buying big bunches of pink roses & lilies for International Playgirl HQ, stocking up on hypercoloured eye pencils, displaying all my sparkly rings in a pāua shell, hanging a sequinned dress on the wall opposite my bed, buying jewellery to remind me of new intentions, wearing bunny slippers, coming up with any excuse to use neon pink tape, sleeping with six pillows, framing my eyes with pink & silver glitter, listening to Daedelus & Nina Simone, curling my eyelashes, setting my hair with honeysuckle-scented hairspray, swooning, paying attention & being present & feeling blissful, making more of an effort to be loving & open & authentic.

Photos came from…

What’s inspiring you at the moment — & how is it affecting your life?