Style Tips — 10th May 2007

Make yourself a bento box for lunch! More economical than buying a dried-out, overpriced sandwich, & how could you not feel wonderful about eating something with a little nori smile?! (If you need some inspiration, check this out — it’s the happiest food in existence!)

Change your voicemail message. Have you noticed that most people’s answering machines are dreary & a yawnfestival at best, if not downright obnoxious? Make yours cute! When I was a kid & we first got an answering machine, I would record a new message every few days, in different accents & with different themes. It’s never too late to be nutty, you know.

Paint your toenails glittery. This goes for men, too! Especially as (some of us) are heading into winter, it’s like a superb surprise every time you take your socks off to get into the shower.

If it doesn’t offend your sensibilities too much, research some crystals & buy the ones you think you could use. I recently bought 3 bracelets — amethyst, fluorite & labradorite. I can actually feel them working. Am I a kook or what?!

Buy little perfume samples off Ebay so you have a variety of fragrances for the hottest (or coldest) part of the year. My summer pick is Miss Dior Cherie. My winter pick is MAC Cosmetics’ MV2 or Lolita Lempicka Midnight.

Print out huge copies of your favourite photos from Flickr. Stick them above your monitor, on the inside of your bathroom cabinet, in your Moleskine, on the fridge, etc. Instant inspiration!