Style Tips — 11th November 2008

Photos by & of my beautiful friend Chloe.

Take a photo of yourself looking really, really happy. Bonus points: link to it in the comments! (Here’s my submission.)

Change the way you walk. It seems like a little thing, but it can make a huge difference. I had a friend who used to bounce up on her foot with every step — it was adorable & made her even more awesome than she already was. Or try to move more fluidly, more gracefully. See how it makes you feel.

Give your friends things that they can wear. There is nothing better than wearing something that someone you love has given you, because you feel a connection to them the whole time it’s against your skin. Give your friend a necklace, knit them a scarf, buy a charm for their bracelet or make them a tote bag, & then tell them why.

Flirt more. Flirt with everyone, even people you don’t really like or aren’t really interested in. First of all, it’s excellent practice, & secondly, it makes everyone feel better.

Develop an appreciation for marmalade.

Adopt this as your credo:

Harry Winston