Style Tips — 13th April 2009

Diana Vreeland / John & Yoko
Diana Vreeland chilling at International Playgirl HQ / John & Yoko


Buy strange, sparkly, clunky pieces of costume jewellery & hang them from the push-pins you already have in place holding up pictures or prints. They serve as a kind of fabulous impromptu frame.

Make a regular midnight snack date with someone who makes you laugh until your sides ache.

Schedule a nap into your day. Better than that, schedule an entire bed day.

Start holding International Playgirl breakfasts. (All this really requires is a bunch of fun, cute girls & some breakfast foods!)

Wear a suspender belt with stockings. Every day. (I swear, there is no better morale booster!)

If something upsetting has happened to your friend, throw a party for them in celebration of new opportunities.

Stage a love-in. Or a bed-in.

Be honest with yourself.

Invite a bunch of people over for an informal Tuesday night dinner party.

Devote one wall in your apartment to photos of your friends.

Realise that there is no better time than right now to break the old patterns that don’t serve you any more.


Drop your defences.

Work the phrase l’esprit de l’escalier into a sentence.