Style Tips — 15th December 2008


Write yourself a report card. School was rough for everyone, so forget all those old vindictive teachers who always commented that you’d be so wonderful if “you applied yourself” or went on & on about your “potential”. (Who wants to harness their potential in geography class?!) Think about the things that are important to you — like the amount of strangers you talk to, or being a good lover, or knowing the precise moment to hold someone else’s hand — & grade yourself. Then put it somewhere prominent so you can see it regularly & be reminded.

Stop making enemies with people who are prettier/more clever/more successful/cooler than you. Here’s the thing. Those people will always exist. Life is not a competition, just relax. Stop being jealous & start being friends with them! You never know what you might learn — maybe they’ll teach you how to be prettier/more clever/more successful/cooler! Competing with one another just keeps us apart & unhappy. Soak it up!

Next time you inadvertently stain your bathroom with hair dye — Special Effects included — don’t fret. Just grab a tube of whitening toothpaste, squirt it on, leave it for a couple of minutes, then scrub. I promise you this will work on practically anything, including white walls & porous wooden benches. It saved my life a couple of weeks ago & it might save yours too!

Do some research on the properties of crystals (I like this site), then go to a bead store & make yourself a bracelet or necklace featuring the stones that appeal to you. Love? Strength? Mental clarity? Take your pick, there is a stone for everything! Even if you don’t believe in the purported power of crystals, it’s always good to have a visual reminder of what it is you’re striving for!

Buy peppermint chapstick. It’s like having the Alps in your mouth. Yum.

Practise stripping every time you get undressed for the shower! Take some music in there & turn it UP! Start dancing, & watch yourself while you take your clothes off. I swear that if you do this regularly, you will become a) a much better dancer & b) much more confident & happy with your body! Plus, it’s all good practise for the actual event, isn’t it?!

(Style tips from this day last year!)