Style Tips — 16th February 2009

Learn to love where you’re from — your family, your neighbourhood, your school, your city, your country, your planet.

Just before you get out of the shower, take a deep breath, mentally prep yourself, & quickly flick the tap to cold. Let it blast you, then turn it off & get out. Every time I do this it makes me laugh like mad. (It’s also good for your skin!)

Tell people how you feel about them.

This means: be brave.

You can make almost anything into an accessory, all you really need is a safety pin & maybe some glue! Take a look around your room & think about what you could turn into a brooch, or an impromptu hat, or a necklace…

Make it a condition of entry that every guest to your house must write you something on a Post It note. Arrange them on a wall.

Loving yourself is not vanity. Don’t be afraid of that. Put a picture of yourself that you like somewhere prominent.

Seek out people with whom you have undeniable chemistry & watch your life evolve.

Go cloudspotting.

Do something completely out of character, just to prove to yourself that you can.

Tie bells around your ankles.

Put a drop of peppermint essential oil in your water jug. It’s great for your digestion as well as freshening your breath! Or you could make peppermint cupcakes! Yum. Read more about peppermint here.

Listen to this every night before you go to sleep. I love it, it makes me feel all dreamy & yawny!

Or this.