Style Tips — 16th June 2008

Style Tips


Find a new fragrance for the season. LuckyScent is my favourite place to go for yummy scratch & sniff adventures — especially because they offer samples for an average of three dollars a pop. My picks? Mukhallat by Montale, Love by Kilian, Sienne l’Hiver by Eau d’Italie, pc02 by biehl perfumkunstwerke, Untitled #4 by Sarah Barton-King & The Exact Friction Of Stars by Pilar & Lucy (which I own & cherish — it is pure sex).

Buy a bubble gun. Use it mercilessly & inappropriately, with delight. (Inspired by this guy who I see regularly. Read the story!)

Wear something sparkly, get in the bath, pool or a big puddle, & have a mermaid photoshoot.

Throw a cocktail evening for your friends. Invite someone you don’t know. Tell everyone they won’t be allowed in unless they dress up! (If you’re underage, make delicious mocktails & get hyped up on sugar — I promise it is as least as fun as alcohol, if not more so!)