Style Tips — 19th October 2009

I love selfhaircuts.

Monday 19th October:
Think about which colours really suit you. Try not to wear things just because you like the colour — that’s a good way to start out if all you normally wear is black or brown, but finding out which colours actually flatter you will completely transform the way you look. Not sure where to start? Read my very first article for iCiNG (!!!), Fashion Help For Recovering Goths.

Tuesday 20th October:
Go to a diner with your best friend & have an immense feast! Preferably late at night. Be sure to order immense desserts, & take a camera (or video camera) for best results!

Wednesday 21st October:
Bake a tray of gingerbread men, decorate them to look like people you know, & then give them out! (Bonus points if you can create a resemblance with frosting! I am not that talented!)

Thursday 22nd October:
Support other women, always.

Friday 23rd October:
Change your hair entirely: go short, go long (extensions!), shave the sides, switch the colour, cut a fringe or bangs, whatever. Just do something drastic! A new haircut makes you feel unstoppable.

Saturday 24th October:
Learn a magic trick & get really good at it.

Sunday 25th October:
Make your life more beautiful in a way that makes sense to you. Buy a bunch of flowers, write yourself a love letter or paint your bedroom shocking pink.