Style Tips — 1st December 2007

Ooh la la!

Photo key:
1. French flag, 2. picture of a picture of me, 3. I miss these !!!!, 4. Last day in Paris, 5. French Women don’t get fat, 6. Impressive French moustache, 7. Leonie Powder Revisited, 8. quant, 9. Paper Sighs & Candy Highs

…Style tips with a definite French flavour! Miam miam!

Start a silly project, just for fun. My latest project is bedhead documentation! I’ve made a set on Flickr & I’m going to take regular photos of my “morning glory”, hee!

One of my mother’s amazing skills is that she is a brilliant window-dresser. At home, we had stacks of books on world class window displays, which I always pored over & adored. Window shopping in France is called l├Ęche-vitrines — the literal translation is “window licking”! It’s a good thing to develop an appreciation for. Windows at Christmas, especially in high-end boutiques, can really knock your socks off. Indulge in it. Soak it up. Love it!

Maintain your language skills. After a few years, the French/German/Japanese/Spanish conversation skills you learned in school start to fade, especially if you don’t practice. Having a good handle on other languages opens you up to millions of people & a gamut of opportunities — as well as appearing totally cultured & sexy. Look into casual language classes. A lot of them involve eating regional food & nattering away, which is a fantastic way to meet new people as well as brush up on your skills!

Call your friends to tell them how much you appreciate them, instead of just emailing. It means so much more, & it always brings the recipient unreasonable amounts of excitement!

Go out & practice your kissing.