Style Tips — 20th August 2007

Write a wish on a balloon, then let it go. (I got this idea from super-sweet Diana in the Dominican Republic! & if you’re concerned about the environment, read this or just… don’t do it!)

When you go clothes shopping next, try buying clothing in a bigger size than normal. Shirts a few sizes larger become impromptu coats, loose trousers paperbagged (gathered at the waist with a belt) take on a whole new shape, cardigans can masquerade as skirts, etc. Don’t be afraid of using your clothing for something other than its original intended purpose!

In the mornings, instead of getting dressed in silence or with the radio on, put on some music that you rarely listen to, & see how it influences your outfit.

Wear red lipstick. (Maybe only in the privacy of your own home if you’re not sure about it, or a usually-conservative man!)

Seek out films & books which inspire you. I made a new rule (yesterday) to watch a documentary every Sunday about people who have done amazing things. It really gears me up for the week & reminds me to think big, seek further, take risks. So far I’ve seen two Madonna documentaries (I’m Going To Tell You A Secret & Truth Or Dare/In Bed With Madonna) & am going to seek out anything on Yoko Ono, Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson… (Suggestions welcome!)

Hold a relaxed dinner party for some friends. Don’t forget cocktails, dessert & bubble mixture!

Buy stamps & put them in your purse so that you can send a note to a friend at a moment’s notice.

Allow your city to surprise you.