Style Tips — 22nd September 2009

Style Tips

Start wearing a wrist ribbon.

Buy lingerie which is totally out of character. Doing this is surprisingly fun, & quite hilarious. just sent me a bunch of stuff which makes me so happy — things I would ordinarily never think of wearing, but which I actually love. (I got these: By the way, those links are probably NSFW!)

Go to a bookstore which stocks The Secret Universe of Names, & read up on the people you know. I did this yesterday & it was so eerily accurate it made me laugh out loud. It is amazing, I promise!

Work a paper hat into your ensemble.

Be proud of — & learn to love — your naked body.

Hunter S. Thompson

Become properly acquainted with Hunter S. Thompson.

Go to a homeopath (they often have little stations hidden at the back of health food stores!) & have them make a custom Bach Flower Remedy blend for you. The homeopath should have a little booklet of the flowers which says what they are used for (like this), so you can choose whatever you need! They are made from spring water infused with wild flowers, & preserved in a little brandy. They come in a glass bottle with an eyedropper, & you just put droplets on your tongue a few times a day. I love them & swear they work!

…Try Alaskan gem essences too. (I have not tried these but want to!)

Print up some badges of your idols & wear a different one each day, depending on your mood. I have one of Yayoi Kusama (I am wearing it in this photo!) which I wear on days I want to be a little more surreal.

Revisit the old clothing at the back of the closet. How could it be re-worked? What else could you wear it with? How can you make it more current?

If you must complain, complain to the RIGHT people — people with the power to make a difference! So often we complain to our spouse about our work, & to our mother about our best friend, & so on. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it with nonsense. Be proactive!

Wear an elaborate headband every day.

Take time for yourself! Have a bath, turn off your phone, do some writing, lie down, whatever it takes — just take a moment to breathe.