Style Tips — 24th June 2008

Yayoi Kusama

If you, like me, are going through a gruelling heat-wave, take heed. Buy a box of aloe vera & vitamin E-enhanced baby wipes, & a bottle of toner from Lush. (I like Eau Roma Water.) Keep them both in the fridge. Start using the baby wipes to clean & cool yourself off when you finally drag yourself in through the front door, & for taking off your make-up. Cool baby wipes are a delicious treat, I assure you. Spray the toner on your chest, back, neck & arms before you crawl into bed. It will evaporate quickly, but it feels good, softens your skin & smells magnificent.

Celebrate the ’90s! Rent Clueless, put on some over-the-knee socks, drag your platform Sketchers out of the closet (I know you have ’em!), listen to some Salt ‘n’ Pepa & enjoy!

Cher: Shouldn’t you go to school on the East Coast? I hear girls at N.Y.U. aren’t at all particular!

Take tango lessons.

Stop being a grub! As fun as it can be to mill about in your own filth (trust me, I know), there is something wonderful about opening your closet to see everything hung up & folded neatly. The same goes for clean floors & an immaculate kitchen!

Wear polka dots & talk about how amazing you are all day, in tribute to Yayoi Kusama.