Style Tips — 24th November 2008

Gala's desktop

Download Poladroid, drag your favourite photos into it to create polaroids, then make yourself a huge wallpaper featuring all your best people, moments & places!

Buy something with sequins on it in preparation for the holiday season.

Issue yourself a Twitter challenge! Try using only song lyrics to express yourself; write all your tweets in haiku format; only write positive updates for a week; chart your good deeds; rhyme everything for a week, etc. (Haven’t signed up yet? GET ON IT!)

Decide to celebrate the season in stereotypical, almost cliché fashion. If you’re in winter, put on a Cosby sweater, drink a mug of hot cocoa, & take photos of you & your friends looking après-ski. If you’re in summer, don enormous shades, get a spray tan & book yourself tickets to an outdoor music festival!

Buy a good sex manual (I like Paul Joannides’ Guide To Getting It On — it’s hilarious as well as informative). Learn it! Live it!

Email an old friend, & call a truce.